• We plan and design the communities and cities of the future.

Sweco’s user-centric process involves both building and space designers and end users

Many things work on paper, but only when seeing the end result before you will you know whether or not they work in reality. We at Sweco improve the illustration of plans and the communication between users and designers.

Sweco@Co-Creation is a user-centred planning process involving both building and space designers and end users. The most efficient way to assess the functionality of plans in the early stages of development is Sweco’s virtual environment Cave, which illustrates the plans for the different parties involved in the project. 

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Finland’s leading BIM expert

Sweco utilizes building information modeling BIM, in all phases of a building’s life cycle, from needs assessment to handover, use and maintenance. Design and commissioning are based on our own effective design methods that utilize LEAN principles and commissioning based on business information models.

Our expertise ensures that the commissioner’s and end user’s goals are met, all the while taking quality and cost-effectiveness into account. We are active in developing our skills in design, modelling, simulations and virtual reality.

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