Owner's Engineering services

When the Client’s own organization has not enough capacity to execute investment projects can Sweco offer Owner’s Engineering (OE) Services. Owners Engineering services have been a growing trend for a while because of cut downs in organizations.

Sweco has long-term experience in producing OE Services. As OE partner Sweco will be the client’s representative and will work for the client’s interests. Services are always tailored to the client’s needs.

Typical OE Services

  • Project Specification
  • Project Risk Survey
  • Location and Site Studies
  • Comparisons between possible technologies
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies
  • HSE Studies
  • Permit Assistance
  • Project Planning
  • Basic Engineering
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Project Manual Preparation
  • Sustainability Considerations
  • Project Management and Administration

OE Services can also include

  • Detail Engineering or some parts of it
  • Procurement and Delivery Supervision
  • Site Management and Administration
  • Commissioning Assistance
  • Training of Operators
  • Risk Ananlysis
  • Operating Instructions
  • Jukka Korvenoja

  • Kai Karlén

  • Ismo Muilu