Sweco to modernise Antarctic research facilities

16 January 2017
Sweco has partnered with BAM Nuttall, which was appointed to the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Construction Partner framework, to provide design and construction services for the modernisation of research facilities in the Antarctic.

Dariush Rezai new President of Sweco Denmark

11 January 2017
Dariush Rezai has been appointed new President of Sweco Denmark, succeeding John Chubb.

Sweco creating clash free construction

20 December 2016
What is quality and why does it matter? How do you offer quality and how do you change the perception of quality in the construction industry? It was for this reason that Solibri and Sweco sat down and discussed such issues with Jaakko Jauhiainen, Sweco’s Business Development Director. Jaakko understands the term ‘quality’ and why it matters. In fact, Jaakko and his colleagues don’t just talk quality, they have learnt to utilize BIM, technology and quality as a foundation for creating design and business processes in the Europe’s largest engineering company.

Sweco commissioned for sustainable packaging solutions initiative

16 December 2016
Sweco has been commissioned by BillerudKorsnäs for construction management of a new board manufacturing machine at the Gruvön production plant and structural design for reconstruction of the existing pulp mill.

Sweco to improve flood protection in Poland

10 November 2016
Sweco has signed two new contracts – one with the Regional Water Management Authority in Wrocław and one with the Regional Water Management Authority in Szczecin – to provide consulting services for the Odra-Vistula Flood Management Project - component 5.4.  The project, which is being co-financed by the World Bank, aims to improve flood protection for people living in the area.

Sweco AB (publ) Interim report January-September 2016

28 October 2016

Sweco expands in German architecture market

19 October 2016
Sweco is acquiring Jo. Franzke, a renowned German architectural firm with 40 employees, thereby further strengthening its offering and presence in the German market. 

Sweco to modernise Gävle Hospital

05 October 2016
Sweco has been commissioned for an extensive project by Region Gävleborg, to prepare documentation for the preliminary and design phases of the renovation of Gävle Hospital in Sweden. The overall result will be a hospital that meets today’s high standards for pleasant environments, modern technology and patient security. 

Biofuels are the most significant way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from traffic in the near future

07 September 2016
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from traffic has proven to be very challenging. In addition to improving energy efficiency, biofuels are the most significant way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from traffic in the near future. Furthermore, the manufacture and use of biofuels reduce oil dependency, improve energy self-sufficiency and increase the use of under-utilised raw materials. The most important biofuels suitable for traffic are bioethanol, biodiesel and biogas.

Where will dissolving wood pulp stand in the future bioeconomy?

07 September 2016
In Finland, we are used to associating pulp with the manufacture of paper and paperboard, which is what 95% of globally produced pulp is used for. However, global population growth and increasing wealth, as well as the diminishing availability of cotton, have expanded the market for wood-based dissolving pulp.