Sweco to provide several planning and design services for Grand Central project in Frankfurt am Main

16 October 2017
Sweco has been commissioned by a joint venture of Groß & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH and Phoenix Real Estate Development GmbH to plan and design a vital part of the Grand Central project in Frankfurt am Main, a large office project beside the city’s central station.

Could Helsinki become the leading bicycling city? The utilisation rates of the city bike system will be presented at VeloFinland

06 October 2017
Sweco participated in the design of the city bike system of Helsinki, and now the first user experiences are being studied and analysed in the thesis of a city planning expert. The preliminary results will be presented at the VeloFinland event in Tampere.

Sweco to design new motorway in Norway

05 October 2017
Sweco has been commissioned to design the new 24 kilometre long E6 motorway in Hedmark, Norway.

Women in Tech – Technology Forum analyses user participation in the designing built environment

29 September 2017
What is the designing process of cities and built environments like? What are the things that affect the design decisions? How can we affect our own future environment? Maija Jokela, Managing Director of Sweco PM, and Kaisa Narvio, Project Manager, will host a workshop at Women in Tech Forum, which is held at Finlandia Hall on 11 October. The theme of the workshop is User participation in designing built environment – smart technology as messenger.

Sweco to design Grand Paris Express maintenance complex

27 September 2017
Sweco has been commissioned by Société du Grand Paris for the detailed design work and project management of the maintenance complex for Line 15 East of the Grand Paris Express metro network in Paris, France.

Virtual well-being – sound modelling is the next step in designing a healing environment

25 September 2017
Virtual modelling can be used to produce spaces and buildings that promote well-being, starting from the design phase. The spaciousness of facilities, views, natural light and lighting, vegetation, colours and furnishings are all part of a healing environment. Virtual models enable designers to examine the soundscape, in addition to the visuals. For example, patients in a hospital recover more rapidly when the design of the hospital has paid more attention to the comfort of the environment.

Sweco to provide engineering services for the Royal Swedish Opera

13 September 2017
Sweco is commissioned by The National Property Board Sweden to provide structural engineering services during the modernisation of the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm. The building has a high cultural-historic value and the assignment includes renovation and design of new facilities.

Virtual model for bathrooms breaks the ice between designers and users

13 September 2017
What will your bathroom tiles and mirror cabinet look like? How should you place the sink in order to make the bathroom wheelchair accessible? These were some of the key questions to be asked in a construction project by Aspa Foundation that relied heavily on Sweco’s virtual model in the design of customised bathrooms.

User-oriented design turns the new curriculum into a functional working environment

12 September 2017
What is it like to visit one’s future working environment before the first bricks have even been laid? What does the space look like? How does it work? And how could it work even better? User-oriented design plays an important role in an increasing number of projects. We at Sweco are constantly trying to improve the visualisation of plans and the communication between users and designers. We involve the users of the space already at the early design phase.

Computational fluid dynamics reveal invisible phenomena

06 September 2017
Why is there a draught in the middle of the room, even though the thermometer shows a suitable room temperature? Is there wind in the park of a new residential area? Are the substances and temperatures mixed evenly in a industrial process? Where do the fumes go from the top of the chimney or the process equipment of an industrial plant? Will the water level rise if a bridge is built across the middle of a river, or how will the water flow impact the structures of a dam? Eero Kokkonen, an expert on computational fluid dynamics, answers all of these questions.