Change in number of shares and votes in Sweco AB (publ)

29 June 2018

Terrafame CEO interviewed by Sweco: Safety is facts, action, feeling and technical solutions – not forgetting the established ground rules

24 June 2018
Terrafame CEO Joni Lukkaroinen and Sweco Industry's Managing Director Erik Skogström met at the Edelläkävijät seminar in April to discuss the sector’s safety challenges and how to solve them. Lessons learnt from industry can also be applied to the digitalising urban environment.

Pyhäsalmi Mine gets a new zoning plan and a new life as “Callio Pyhäjärvi”

18 June 2018
A copper and zinc mine has been operating in Pyhäjärvi, located in the Oulu Region in Finland, since the 1960s. The mine is Europe’s deepest. It will stop operating at the end of 2019, but afterwards, the facilities will be available for entirely new purposes. Sweco will implement both the underground and the above-ground zoning of the new Callio Pyhäjärvi area, which is up to 1,445 metres deep.

Kainuu Hospital designed by Sweco wins Tekla BIM Awards

15 June 2018
Kainuu Hospital has been selected as the best BIM project in Finland and the Baltic countries in Tekla BIM Awards 2018. The topping out ceremony for the hospital was also held 15 June. Sweco is largely involved in both the design and the design management of the project and has also been in charge of the BIM. The BIM-based collaboration between the project’s different parties has been extensive from the start.

E-commerce about to reshape our cities

14 June 2018
E-commerce changes our shopping habits – but also influences logistics, city planning and properties. The impact will become more and more apparent as volumes continue to increase.

Floating structures will enable safe complementary construction in future metropolises

11 June 2018
In the coming decades, sea levels will rise due to climate change while the population of many coastal cities will grow. At the same time, the built environment will need new alternatives for dense residential areas. Floating structures are one possible solution to these challenges.

Global warming changes both nature and the built environment – today’s engineers need to pay attention to future challenges

07 June 2018
Climate change affects the planning of the built environment: when the weather and nature are changing, construction and things such as water supply and land usage need to take the changes into account. Invasive species are an example of the changes in nature that affect the built environment and the everyday lives and safety of people.

Sweco’s Kuopio office will move to the Gate of Kuopio in 2020

06 June 2018
Sweco’s Kuopio office will move to the new urban hub located in the centre of the city in 2020. Sweco is participating in the hub’s development with Lapti and is responsible for structural, HVAC and electric engineering on the site, as well as for BIM coordination. The goal of the relocation is to be closer to the clients.

Sweco confirmed as low carbon leader

04 June 2018
Sweco won the 2018 New Civil Engineer Low Carbon Leader Award and was recognised as one of the best civil engineering firms in the UK.

Change in number of shares and votes in Sweco AB (publ)

31 May 2018


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