Take a leap into the future with Cave

Many things work on paper, but only when seeing the end result before you will you know whether or not they work in reality. We at Sweco improve the illustration of plans and the communication between users and designers.

Sweco@Co-Creation is a user-centred planning process involving both building and space designers and end users. The most efficient way to assess the functionality of plans in the early stages of development is Sweco’s virtual environment Cave, which illustrates the plans for the different parties involved in the project. 

Cave facilitates refining plans together

Sweco Cave is a light and effective tool based on the LEAN principles, in which models are defined in more detail and made more realistic as the proposal planning progresses and when going into the general planning phase. Cave is a space where a stereoscopic image created from 3D plans is projected onto the surfaces and viewed with 3D glasses. Thanks to the broad image area and a 1:1 scale, users get to familiarise themselves with design solutions in the actual scale and feel like they are in an actual room.

Cave is the most efficient way to assess the functionality of plans in the early stages of development. Multiple redesigns can be minimised, as the development of plans begins immediately as a collaboration between all parties.

Sweco’s method of operation-oriented space planning determines space groups and type spaces carefully and adapts them into operational processes. The process is based on joint designing, where users are presented with alternative design solutions and operation processes. The goal of the method is to develop the plan constantly towards an economical and operationally cost-effective design solution. The work facilitates trying out and developing new and innovative solutions quickly and in accordance with the principles of ‘value for money’ and ‘for the best of the project.

What if you could take a leap into the future and see your project complete ‒ before the plans have been set or a single wall has been erected? Watch our new video to see how Sweco’s user-oriented planning enables you to do that!


“Efficient utilisation of the Cave technology is based on Sweco’s strong technology and information model know-how as well as modelling technology defined by Sweco. Cave itself is a unique tool utilised by the efficient process model we have developed.”



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