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Bioeconomy View April 2022

Bioeconomy View 1.4.2022 webinar

Welcome to Bioeconomy View -webinar

We can reshape our future and generate solutions we all need our everyday life with sustainable chemistry. The world needs creativeness to innovate, and combine technologies to be sustainable from economic, environmental, and societal perspectives.

We at Sweco deploy our creativeness for delivering sustainable engineering solutions and expertise whether it is chemistry for renewable fibre products or biomaterials and bioproducts, or chemistry for carbon neutral, resource-efficient industrial facilities. Biodiversity assessments and understanding of the regulative landscape is part of our Sustainable Chemistry palette.

We at Sweco firmly believe on collaboration and we transforming society together.
This is our promise to all of you, our collaborators and partners!
Please join us in our bioeconomy view webinar.



1st Of April, 2022 (UTC +2)
14.00-14.05 Technical quidance, Eeva Punta, Sweco
14.05-14.15 Opening words, Erik Skogström, Sweco
14.15-14.50 Renewable carbon – bio-based, CO2-based and recycling – in general and the challenges to replace the fossil system. Dipl.-Phys. Michael Carus, CEO and founder nova-Institute
14.50-15.00 case 1 New bioproducts from forest industry, Katariina Kemppainen, Metsä Spring
15.00-15.10 case 2 Waste to chemicals Gaëlla Delcour, Sweco
15.10-15.20 case 3 Growth from bioeconomy, Janne Hulkko, Sweco
15.20-15.40 Discussion
15.40-16.00 Closing remarks Tuulamari Helaja, Sweco

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