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Erik Skogström

Sustainable industry and energy transition – Finland as a trendsetter 

green transition energy transition sustainable industry

Climate change and biodiversity loss challenge industry and the energy sector to find more sustainable ways of operating. Industry and the energy sector have a special responsibility to implement the transition to carbon-neutral energy production and circular economy without exacerbating biodiversity loss.

  • Industrial activities always have an impact on the environment 
  • The sector operates entirely on natural resources 
  • At the same time, industry and the energy sector are drivers of the green transition and the economic growth potential it brings 

Circular economy plays a big role

The degree of circular economy is largely a measure of development, and, dare I say, education.”
Responsible industrial operations: 

  • aim to minimise environmental impact 
  • utilise process side streams 
  • recovers and reuses energy. 

Finland in an excellent position

Finland is well positioned to implement the green transition at the forefront. 

  • Energy availability. There is a lot of clean energy available and more production is being built. ”Despite variations in availability, Finland actually has good light and wind conditions.” 
  • Hydrogen utilization. In the energy sector, the biggest challenges come from transmission and storage. Finland is already well on its way to hydrogen solutions. ”The opportunity to bring high-grade hydrogen and hydrogen-based products to Finland should not be missed.” 

 Finnish industry and the energy sector have a desire to make sustainable solutions. Sweco alone carries out thousands of assignments in Finland every year.

Competition is intensifying

Among other things, there is global competition on subsidies policy to see where the best conditions are for green investments.   

In Finland, too, decision-makers should think about their handprint to promote sustainable industry and the energy transition. There’s a lot to take financially.” 

Erik Skogström, Division Director, Industry and Energy, Sweco Finland

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