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A comprehensive partner in housing construction

We emphasise user-orientation, safe indoor conditions and energy efficiency

In the design of residential buildings, we emphasise user-orientation, safe indoor conditions and energy efficiency. In addition to a smooth design and construction process, we ensure a sustainable end result, comfortable homes with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Your own home or rental apartment is a point of reference in everyday life and at the same time one of life’s biggest investments. Housing construction is a socially important activity that we take with particular seriousness and heart.

We help find lifecycle economy and climate-sustainable solutions for residential buildings in a good spirit, profitably and on schedule.

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Resident-oriented planning

For us, resident-oriented design means that we understand the value of different homes and the special characteristics of projects. Our goal is a technically functional, cost-effective and comfortable entity that attracts buyers and tenants. Already at the planning stage, we help ensure that there is demand for the apartments and a suitable price for the target group.

  • Apartment buildings
  • Terraced houses and balcony houses
  • Care housing
  • ARA housing production
  • Joint construction projects
  • Hybrid construction
  • High construction.

Residential construction specialist

For residential construction projects, we offer experience in different project forms, construction sites, materials, structural and building services systems. Only architects, designers, construction consultants and project managers specialising in residential construction work on projects. Our special expertise includes, for example, concrete and wood element design for apartments, high-rise construction, hybrid construction and joint construction projects.

Extensive resources for housing construction projects

Our strengths in housing construction are the resources and expertise of a large corporation. We manage construction projects with a wide range of experts. Sufficient resources ensure smooth implementation even on a tight schedule throughout Finland. Our cooperative design team is guided by an experienced chief designer who makes the whole team work together.

Project management is responsible for ensuring that competent designers and contractors are selected for the project and that the project is completed within the agreed schedule and cost framework.

Master design and architectural design

Our chief designers act as design team leaders in residential construction projects. Our most important goal is to ensure the smooth completion of the project and at the same time to create a pleasant and functional society one building at a time. We support housing construction projects starting from zoning development so that each phase proceeds in a controlled manner. We guide the cooperation of different parties towards a successful outcome that is sustainable for both people and the environment.

We provide architects, chief designers and interior designers specialising in housing construction. We also support user-oriented design with data visualization.

Project management and construction management

As Finland’s leading project management and construction management professional, we bring certainty and smoothness to housing construction projects. We keep projects under control from the project development phase until the end of the warranty period. We act as the client’s guardians of interests and help to complete projects on schedule and within the agreed cost framework openly and transparently.

In addition to project management and construction management, we can be responsible for safety coordination, cleanliness and humidity control coordination and indoor air expert duties  in residential construction.

Building services

We design reliable, user-friendly and environmentally friendly building services technology for residential buildings. Because it’s about people’s homes, simple is beautiful, and all our technology solutions aim for comfortable conditions where technology is not even noticeable. The apartments have only a comfortable temperature, beautiful lighting, fresh indoor air and suitably quiet.

We also offer energy and life cycle expertise for housing construction. We design geothermal and solar power systems, stormwater delays and electric vehicle charging points.

Structural design

The goal of our structural designers is material-wise and safe homes that flexibly adapt to different kinds of people. We can act as the structural designer responsible for housing construction projects and as a prefabricated part designer. We have extensive experience in, for example, concrete and wood element construction as well as post-tensioned structures.

We take care of the dimensioning of apartments and low-carbon frame solutions and support efficient construction site implementation. Construction sites also have access to the SmartDrawings service.

Housing company services

We offer housing companies comprehensive expert services for all kinds of renovation projects. We are an experienced partner in planning, project management and supervision of pipeline renovations and façade renovations, for example. We also provide comprehensive condition survey services for the entire life cycle of a residential building.

Digital and virtual tools

We develop the productivity and joint activities of housing construction with digital tools. The smooth and transparent progress of the project is supported, for example, Virtual Site service. We are also at the forefront of the industry in BIM and parametric design. Many tools are tied to the everyday life of our designers, which is why energy and life cycle planning can be done as part of building services design. Carbon footprint and cost calculations are carried out as part of structural design.

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