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Do you want your work to make a difference?

Then Sweco is the place to be. At Sweco there is no distant future. We design it right now, ensuring that everything we need in society – from clean water and warm homes to efficient transportation and modern hospitals – becomes a natural part of tomorrow.

We believe that true relevance arises when we work closely with our customers and our employees have the freedom to utilize their expertise in the way they see fit. Succeeding at work requires all of us to work closely with our clients and have a deep understanding of their wishes and needs.

Success requires a close collaboration with our customers and a deep understanding of their needs. A typical Sweco employee is approachable, committed to his or her customers, and has a recognised expertise.

With us, you get to make plans that will impact society and the built environment for decades to come. In many ways, we are at the heart of sustainable development. Every Sweco employee has the opportunity to influence their own career.

We believe that the most important is to work closely with our customers and our employees have the freedom to utilize their expertise the best possible way.

We also have a low hierarchy and we have put teams at the center of decision making. We get to focus on projects and design work. We make sure that different views are heard and all perspectives are appreciated. We invest in good leadership and supervisory work. These create an uncomplicated atmosphere!

Projects work together and no one is left alone. Teams and their continuous learning are our greatest asset. Our values ​​are curiosity, commitment and responsibility.

Energy efficiency and lower carbon footprint of properties

Jesse Kantola does valuable work ​. Through his work, he contributes to the carbon footprint and energy efficiency of properties. In his free time, he moves in nature and feels that work and leisure stay well balanced even at a distance.

The circular economy as a passion

Our cycling economy and energy expert and department manager Leena Pirhonen is excited about new types of circular economy solutions. “With Sweco, you can be yourself and also bring your own dreams to the design work. If you want to plan for a better tomorrow, Sweco is just the right place. ”


The values ​​of sustainable development, the circular economy and the low carbon footprint are strongly presented in the work of Kari Nöjd, the project manager at Sweco. He enjoys every day, great projects and being allowed to do important work for himself and society.

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