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For students

At Sweco there is no distant future, as we are already planning it today. Designing cities of the future and our environment requires innovations, strong technological know-how and new experts with a burning passion for taking part in designing a more sustainable society.

We provide primarily technology students in the final stretch of their studies with opportunities for both summer training and part-time work during their studies – and, consequently, opportunities for carrying out their thesis work.

Sweco staff members are working on the most interesting and challenging projects in the field in Finland and across the globe. We already have 3,000 staff members in Finland and 18,000 globally.

Especially in the early stages of your career, support from your supervisor and colleagues is important. We place particular emphasis on induction and provide the best possible summer job experiences, opportunities, and challenges to help you develop in your career.

It is important to us that you get to develop and plan your own individual career path, and work in an easy-going atmosphere in which a low hierarchy is valued. As an employer, we are flexible and strive to reconcile work with private life. We also offer versatile personnel benefits that our employees’ value.

We want to provide a good summer job experience to our summer trainees, of whom we recruit roughly 100 each year. We are involved in the annually held Responsible Summer Job campaign. In the campaign, we commit to following the principles of a good summer job. Responsibility is important to us, and it shows in all our work.

We carry out systematic co-operation with educational institutions, organisations, and guilds in the field of technology. We are also happy to look into new co-operation opportunities! Please contact our team at career@sweco.fi.

A responsible employer

Sweco wants to provide summer trainees with a good summer job experience and is involved in the Responsible Summer Job campaign in 2021 as well. In the campaign, we commit to following the principles of a good summer job.

When assessing us this year, our summer workers highlighted Sweco’s genuinely good atmosphere, equal treatment and meaningful work tasks. The survey results indicated that our summer workers got to genuinely utilise their own know-how in their work and develop professionally. The general happiness of our summer workers is at a very high level, and many continue their work with us after the summer and are happy to recommend Sweco to their acquaintances as well.

Read more about responsible summer jobs!

Iiro Vainikainen works on sustainable traffic solutions

  • as a railway traffic planner
  • in current railway projects
  • designing an urban sustainable city
  • in a group of top-of-the-line professionals

Camilla Leiman designs wood-structured sites

  • graduated from Aalto University as a M.Sc. (Tech.) in 2020
  • started as a trainee and got immediately involved in major projects
  • involved in projects such as designing Finland’s largest wooden office building in Jätkäsaari
  • designing an urban sustainable city

What its like to work at Sweco?

  1. Relaxed environment
  2. Leading expert
  3. Doing valuable work
  4. And what else?

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