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Meet our employees


As Sweco employees, we are approachable and curious, as well as experts committed and valued to our customers. The traces of our hands are visible everywhere in the built environment and it is really great in our work. We are proud of what we do and of being able to influence our environment.

“Sweco has the best opportunities in the industry to develop in Finland.”

“Sweco colleagues is really nice and the atmosphere is relaxed. I enjoy myself here like at home!”

Expert, robot and bass guitar

Our logistics expert Ville Ruuskanen works on industrial and healthcare projects and plans e.g. effective robotics for hospitals. The most valuable thing about work is being able to do things that matter to people. Good co-workers and a great team give a positive kick to daily work. Be aware all the music managers – here comes the bass guitar master!

Our project manager Kari Nöjd does work that matters. He is involved in sustainable urban development projects where the circular economy and carbon footprint are strongly involved. Life cycle analyzes as well as energy simulations and carbon footprint calculations revolve on his desk.

Cost estimates remotely with love and cottage in peace

Our expert Leena-Kaisa Laitinen has had a long career as a cost calculator and she feels that she is doing valuable work. The desire to develop her skills and know-how is very important to her. The best things at work are colleagues who have stayed alongside for a long time and with whom the work tastes great.

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What it´s like to work in Sweco

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We believe that the foundation for carbon-neutral Finland will be built on design tables

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