What is it like to work at Sweco? Read 10 different perspectives!

Approachable and committed people are the core of our business. We want to take good care of them!

  1. Straightforward working methods. We have a low level of hierarchy, or as people at Sweco like to put it, a flat organisation. Our teams are at the heart of decision-making. Employees are able to focus on projects and design work.

  2. Leading experts. When we ask what’s the best thing about working at Sweco, the number one answer is great and smart colleagues. Our company houses vast amounts of different expertise – networking within the company is well worth it!

  3. Doing work that counts. At Sweco, you are involved in plans and designs that impact society and the built environment for decades to come. We publish the Urban Insight reports on sustainable urban development (https://www.swecourbaninsight.com/). We take a public stand on what will constitute safe and sustainable everyday life in the cities of the future.

  4. The world is open to you. There are a total of 15,500 Sweco employees across Europe and 2,100 people at 26 locations in Finland. Our international organisation provides opportunities to work abroad – or change location within Finland according to your personal needs. 

  5. Pioneering development. Future environments are undergoing continuous change. Therefore, we must also keep changing and keep one step ahead. Digitalisation and intelligent tools form part of the designers’ everyday work at Sweco. We continuously develop our operations and adopt new tools and methods.

  6. Your own career path. A large company supports different career paths. You can progress from a designer to a project manager – or if you desire new tasks – we can offer you an opportunity to work in another line of business. We also support personal development: Sweco Academy offers a wide range of training sessions including popular courses for supervisors and project managers. In return, we expect you to be curious and motivated to learn new things.

  7. Interesting projects. We are involved in a range of projects of different sizes in Finland and abroad. Read more about our references.

  8. Working from the summer cottage? We are a flexible employer. We support remote working opportunities and the smooth combination of working and private life.

  9. Are you curious? So are we! Curiosity is one of Sweco’s values that we hold dear. Great things are achieved when we combine engineering with curiosity.

  10. Need a coffee break? Sweco offers its employees free coffees, lunch benefits and many other benefits appreciated by our employees.