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Experience design – this is how we shape your success!

Experience design – this is how we shape your success

Our experience design consultancy specialises in helping businesses, communities and cities improve their business and customer experience through our experience design service. We provide a wide range of consulting services and always tailor them to each customer’s needs.

The experience design consulting services are aimed at all those who want to make sure that their customers are satisfied and committed. Through experience design, we can create unique and pleasing customer experiences that will set your company apart from its competitors. Experience design will help your company develop its services in a customer-oriented manner. Our goal is to make your services easier to use and more efficient and enjoyable for the customers.

We design environments that bring experiences to life. We strike an optimal balance between planning and experience design to create an impactful experience that yields financial and operational profit and leaves an emotional imprint.

Experience design

Experience design

Experience design is the design of the environments in which the experience takes place. These are the moments in which the experiencer encounters the surrounding reality. They are events in which the customer interacts with services, products, structures, attitudes and values, for example, through their senses and expectations. Our goal is to formulate a set of experiences. We consider the elements of the experience holistically, from all different angles. We offer service design, concept design and corporate design as well as we design areas and buildings, interfaces and structures. We understand how these work and add value together. The result is more attractive, convincing and commercial business.

Our experience design consulting services include the following

  • Conceptual design
  • Strategies
  • Commercialisation
  • Service design
  • Safety assurance
  • Regional development
  • Customer experience

Built environments can be beautiful from the perspective of customer experiences, too. By combining skilful engineering and human-centric experience design, we also boost the appeal and impact of business activities.

A high-quality customer experience is the key to more successful business.

A carefully design customer experience is impactful and appealing. We have evidence of successful experiences. We design strategies and concepts, determine alternative future paths and make them interesting.

The efforts can focus on sports arena projects, shopping centres or other public spaces in cities and residential hubs, or on holiday resorts, experience centres, nature attractions, camping areas and national parks in more remote locations, for example.

We are reinventing customer experience consulting so that your customers can experience more. Contact us and tell us how we can help develop your customer experience!


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