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Cycling traffic planning for smooth traffic and quality of life

Cycling planning plays an important role in promoting sustainable mobility and general well-being. We are committed to creating a high-quality cycling infrastructure that supports cyclist safety and smooth cycling. Together with our customers, we aim to make cycling an attractive mobility option for more and more people.

Network planning for cycling

Cycling is an environmentally friendly, healthy and cost-effective way to get around cities and smaller areas. The online planning of cycling aims to create cycling routes that support people’s activity and well-being as efficiently as possible, promoting sustainable mobility.

We produce target and main network plans for municipalities, cities and counties, taking into account local needs and objectives. The target networks are designed so that they meet the special requirements of the cycling network and guide the planning of cycling traffic as part of sustainable traffic planning.

Cycling infrastructure planning

The infrastructure planning of bicycle traffic is a significant part of the development of urban transport. Our experts at Sweco prepare high-quality pre-production, master plans and construction plans for cycling infrastructure. The design covers bike paths and cycle paths.

In our design work, we emphasise the safety of cyclists. We aim to effectively separate cycling routes from other traffic by using, for example, bike lanes and cycle paths. We give special attention to the design of intersections and junctions. In the design, we also ensure sufficiently wide cycling routes and unobstructed crossings so that everyone can move around without challenges.

In addition to safety, the key objective of cycling infrastructure planning is the smooth flow of traffic. Well-designed cycling routes and lanes reduce traffic congestion and encourage parallel use of public transport.

Bicycle parking

Bicycle parking is part of the urban transport infrastructure, serving both residents and visitors. Bicycle parking spaces should be convenient, accessible and safe – ones where cyclists dare to leave their bikes without worry. Functional bicycle parking contributes to the attractiveness of cycling and the sustainability of urban transport.

We draw up master plans for bicycle parking for both cities and districts. In addition, we design detailed implementation plans for bicycle parking in street areas, schools and station areas, for example. The planning and placement of high-quality bicycle parking in urban environments requires careful consideration. In our projects, we have implemented various bicycle parking solutions, such as bike racks, bicycle parking spaces and bike stations

Cycling tourism

Cycling tourism is an ever-growing form of tourism that offers a unique and environmentally friendly way to explore landscapes and culture. At Sweco, we actively participate in the development of cycling tourism. We offer a wide range of services, such as development studies, concept and route plans.

In our development studies, we examine local conditions and the potential of tourist destinations from the perspective of cycling tourism. We draw up detailed plans for cycling routes and necessary infrastructure improvements. In our concept and route plans, we create attractive cycling destinations that offer functional routes and unforgettable experiences for cyclists.

We also participate in larger tourism development projects in which cycling plays a key role.


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