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Sweco creates new business models, solutions and cooperation for your digital journey

We produce solutions for the sustainable and climate-smart design and use of real estate, cities and industry. Check out our solutions and projects! 

Enhanced project management, information flow and interaction

Digitalization is the key to sustainable cities and society. In the construction industry, digital tools enhance planning and increase productivity. Carbon footprint and climate effects have also become one of our customers’ most important goals, alongside cost and quality factors. At Sweco, low-carbon control is part of the structural design and the goal is to influence the design solutions from the beginning of the project.​​

We develop and produce services for the different stages of the life cycle and value stream of a real estate, infrastructure or industrial project, from strategic land use to commissioning and possible reuse. The more than 10,000 project deliveries we make annually provide a good basis for identifying the needs and functions where digitalization produces added value.​

Our digital solutions make the project more transparent and open. Solutions improve the flow of information, project management and interaction and save time and money for the whole, as well as guarantee better quality and offer the lowest-emission and climate-neutral solution options.​

With help of information and technology utilized from data models, we visualize the plans for the use of different stakeholders in the early phase of the project. In this way, things valued by the customer and end users can be increasingly taken into account both in planning and in decision-making.

At the same time, we ensure that buildings, industrial sites and infrastructure and transport solutions are functional, energy-efficient, climate-friendly and in line with the needs of end users.

A forerunner in digitalisation

Sweco is a forerunner in digitalisation in the construction industry. Our digital calculation and data modeling tools are a guarantee of high-quality structural design. We promote the widest possible use of data from data modeling in all our construction projects.

For data-modeled projects, we offer the SmartDrawings Viewer service free of charge, which allows you to view the data model behind the plan in an Internet browser on any device. There is also a paid full version of SmartDrawings for professional use. Sweco’s structural plans thus offer more.


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Director of Strategic Development

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Product and Sales Manager, VDC Services

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Infrastructure and traffic

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