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Asset management and maintenance

Asset management and maintenance

Our digital tools and services support the digitization of real estate, industry and infrastructure, management with information and the green transition.

We help to gather data that is scattered in different sources into a digital format, so that useful information can be found quickly and it is also easy to share and maintain. A clear data architecture streamlines everyday service operations, helps manage the lifecycle costs of infrastructure assets and guides long-term planning (PTS).

Sweco’s Twinfinity® service supports the digitalization of the real estate industry, management with information and the green transition. The visual 3D data model collects information from different systems, which helps to analyze the data and understand the property’s operation, structures and user experience.

Asset Management

Digital asset management tools promote data management and decision-making during infrastructure projects.

asset management and maintenance Sweco

Managing property maintenance data

In the visual 3D information model, data on the various systems is compiled, which will help analyse the data and understand the operations, structures and user experience in the property.

Life cycle information management service

Virtual Twin is a data management service developed by Sweco that enables the creation of an easily updated and illustrative digital twin of an industrial plant.


A forerunner in digitalisation

Sweco is a forerunner in digitalisation in the construction industry. Our digital calculation and data modeling tools are a guarantee of high-quality structural design. We promote the widest possible use of data from data modeling in all our construction projects.

For data-modeled projects, we offer the SmartDrawings Viewer service free of charge, which allows you to view the data model behind the plan in an Internet browser on any device. There is also a paid full version of SmartDrawings for professional use. Sweco’s structural plans thus offer more.

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