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Data sharing platform Shared data Model

Data sharing platform Shared data Model

Shared data Model (SDM) is a modern data sharing platform that enhances the communication, interaction and project management of an industrial project. Requirements and product information for devices are stored in accordance with international dictionary standards, making the information easily accessible to everyone. At the end of the project, the data can be transferred smoothly to the orderer’s systems.

Data sharing platform for EPCM implementation

We originally developed the Shared Data Model (SDM) for our own use to support the efficient lead-through of work. The platform is especially well-suited for the EPCM implementation of industrial projects. International dictionary standards used in the SDM make it easy for all parties to understand the information in the same way, supporting collaboration between large enterprise ecosystems. The application ensures the smooth exchange of information, even between hundreds of parties.

Because the SDM improves the flow of information, it will also reduce working hours spent on data processing. Digital information exchange is efficient, anticipatory and proactive, which improves the productivity and quality of all activities at all stages of the investment project. Time will be saved in the planning and implementation of the project.

Requirements and product information for devices in one place

The SDM can be used to share all kinds of tabulated information between the different parties in the project. Compared to a project document bank, the SDM can better support information flows related to device purchases. All the factory equipment information and related requirements can be found in one place in a digital format. The information will also be provided with a completion level (status stamp) as well as revision and date information, allowing effective change management between the different parties.

Thanks to the digital platform, information changes are managed proactively, allowing for each party to carry out their tasks and make decisions based on the latest information. At the end of the project, the data can be transferred smoothly to the systems chosen by the client, in which case the data accumulated during the project can also be used to steer the operation and maintenance of the plant.

Indeed, our goal is that the same platform can be used to serve the entire life cycle of the industrial project. We will further develop the features of the SDM, and we can improve the platform with additional customer-specific functionalities, among other things. Learn more about our 3D tools, as well, which help visually present geographic, location and status information for the industrial project.

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