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Geospatial solutions (GIS)

Geospatial solutions (GIS)

The versatile data offered by Sweco’s geospatial solutions supports decision-making. Data analyses and visualisations help our clients control, process and distribute information to stakeholders during every step of their design projects. 

Data visualisation

Our geospatial solutions help manage the lifecycle of data throughout a project, from the gathering of datasets to the processing and distributing of information on the preferred platforms. Geospatial data promotes interaction and decision-making, because it clearly demonstrates where things are taking place. A visual presentation ensures that vital information is easy to understand at a quick glance and available to everyone. This allows municipal residents to provide feedback on zoning proposals or assess how a new motorway will affect their living environment, among other things. Learn more about our map services.

Geospatial data offers information needed for sustainable designs

Our tools can illustrate the size of carbon footprints, or the natural values, protected locations or habitats of endangered species in a specific geographical area. Furthermore, services based on geospatial data also help operators calculate, evaluate and visualise carbon dioxide emissions and carbon handprints

Sweco’s geospatial solutions

We offer several solutions for utilising geospatial data, including digital maps, mobile applications and asset management tools. We also possess solid expertise in managing and processing geospatial datasets. We use open source applications in our work, in addition to which Sweco is part of the ESRI Advantage programme and serves as a Safe Software (FME) Platinum partner. This guarantees that the best possible support is always available for the technologies in use.


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