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Life cycle information management service Virtual Twin

Life cycle information management service Virtual Twin

Virtual Twin is a data management service developed by Sweco that enables the creation of an easily updated and illustrative digital twin of an industrial plant. The Virtual Twin visualises changes in the planning progress, changes in the current status of site installations and any changes made during use. This means that the service helps manage information models throughout the entire life cycle of the plant.

Efficient flow of information from planning to maintenance

We have developed a digital service for the data management of industrial plants that combines sources of information at the device and component level. Virtual Twin improves information management, which means that information on a specific component, for example, can be found quickly and automatically among hundreds of planning documents and site reports. We made Virtual Twin compatible with client systems, so there is no need to install new software.

During the planning phase, Digital Twin will ensure that all design material is illustrative, understandable and easily distributed. Device and component-specific data can be quickly extracted and compiled, even from comprehensive 3D materials. In this way, all parties will have a visual and automatically updated overview of the progress of the planning.

At the site, Digital Twin will collect information on the progress of installations. The status of different contracts can be visualised using different colours, which helps to outline the entity and coordinate the different contracts. The service therefore supports site steering, installation phasing and change management. For the client, the tool provides an overall view that can be updated daily. The situation information can also be linked to the project’s information model based schedules.

During maintenance, Digital Twin supports the use of the maintenance systems selected by the client. All maintenance documents will be compiled in one place, making it quick to retrieve and share digital information. The 3D model for an item, opened by clicking an online link, displays information on the location of a specific component, for example, without delay. When information models are kept up to date during use and maintenance, a digital twin is available to support repair and change planning.


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