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Managing property maintenance data 

Managing property maintenance data 

The Twinfinity® service by Sweco supports the digitalisation, management by knowledge and green transition in the property business. In the visual 3D information model, data on the various systems is compiled, which will help analyse the data and understand the operations, structures and user experience in the property. 

The Twinfinity® concept

Twinfinity® is a cloud service developed by Sweco which, using a 3D information model, provides a visual overview of an individual building or a whole building stock. Twinfinity® is already being used by Vasakronan, the largest property owner in Sweden, and now the service is also available in Finland. 

Twinfinity® integrates scattered property data into a single 3D information model. The only initial data needed is a simple BIM. To start using the service, you do not need system updates or changes to your organisation’s IT architecture. Twinfinity® works on top of existing databases and compiles all relevant data across various systems in one place. 

Digital twin for a building

Twinfinity® creates a digital twin, a virtual copy, of the building’s facilities, purposes, structures and technology. With a digital twin, comprehensible sections can be filtered out of vast amounts of data. Different colours can be used to visualise load-bearing walls, materials’ carbon footprints, occupancy rates of various facilities, or the indoor air quality in a specific conference room. 

Reducing the carbon footprint

Twinfinity® supports and facilitates the obligations related to corporate responsibility reporting. For example, the service visualises the carbon footprints of the materials used in a construction project or the recyclable materials in a property. This way, it facilitates the assessment of the property’s current situation, and even environmental certifications and corporate responsibility reporting. In addition to these, it also helps you develop your operations towards a more environmentally sustainable direction. 

Maintenance based on needs

Twinfinity® optimises maintenance routines. The data generated by presence and temperature sensors can be integrated into the system, thanks to which the property maintenance can be controlled using real-time information. Cleaning or ventilation can be reduced in facilities that are used rarely, which will make the maintenance operations anticipatory and based on real needs. At the same time, the property’s energy efficiency can be enhanced. 

Document management

Documents on individual buildings or a full property portfolio can be compiled in Twinfinity®. In the visual view, it is easy to see the occupancy rate of various facilities or the agreements made with service providers. Vacant premises can be seen in the visual overview, instead of PDF images or time-consuming on-site visits. 

Change management

Twinfinity® enhances the flow of information from alteration and renovation projects to the maintenance operators. The automatically updated property data will support change management, and up-to-date information and a reliable overview of the buildings will always be available for decision-making. The tool can also visualise long-term plans, which makes it easier to manage renovation debt. 

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