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BIM management service ModelSafe

Information model management service ModelSafe

ModelSafe is the data model management and inspection service we developed for industry. We help keep 3D data models up-to-date throughout the entire life cycle of the factory.

Inspection and management of data models

The level of requirements for the design and implementation of industrial facilities is constantly rising, and more data is being produced all the time. At the same time, the importance of reliable initial data and effective management, updating and sharing of information is emphasized.

The ModelSafe service manages 3D data models throughout the entire life cycle of an industrial project. We gather all the facility’s information model data from different sources into an illustrative composite model. The location of a certain line, device or valve can be quickly found among thousands of options.

Checking models and sharing information with different stakeholders can also be done quickly. We ensure data security of data models with two-step authentication, secure remote connections and reliable cloud services.

Software-independent service

The ModelSafe service can be implemented as part of other production support services, and separate software installations are not required. ModelSafe works completely software-independent. If there is no information model of the factory at the time of design or it has not been kept up to date, we can create a 3D model nimbly by scanning a point cloud of the object.

A step towards a digital twin

Using the ModelSafe service is a step towards the digital twin of an industrial facility. When data models are kept up-to-date on a virtual platform and updated regularly, the 3D copy of the industrial plant corresponds to reality even after changes.


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