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Each construction project benefits from up-to-date and unbiased situation reports. Sweco’s digital overview provides all relevant information in one place, which makes it quick and easy to see the project schedules, costs, risks and safety status. For each project, the areas that serve it the best are chosen. 

Overview in 10 minutes

The digital overview offers all parties a clear picture of the project’s current status in only 10 minutes. You do not need to look for information and combine it from multiple sources; instead, all relevant data is compiled into one neat package in a single browser view. It is also easy to filter the overview to show the desired information, such as interior wall installations or concrete casting. 

You can inspect the overview using the visual Microsoft Power BI software or embed it into the project’s Teams channel. 

Monitoring tool for project management

A digital overview helps you balance the pillars of project management. However, good results also require expertise. This is why the overview is always a part of Sweco’s project management and developer organisation. We will ensure from the start of the project that situation data is entered into the tool systematically so that the data will also be updated automatically. 

The digital overview is intended for the construction and commissioning stages, above all, but it can also support planning management. During planning, you can monitor elements such as interim goals, working hours and the time estimates provided by the designers. This way, you can also keep in mind that design is a creative progress where the working hours may not always correlate with the progress made. 

Unbiased information

Many construction projects are faced with the lack of objective information. Different parties may have different impressions, and time is wasted on arguing about interpretations. The digital overview provides neutral and undisputed facts to base the discussions on. 

The traffic light colour scheme shows the status of project schedules, costs and safety right on the front page. You can also see a cost projection and the cash flow for the upcoming month. The most suitable areas are selected for each project, which allows us to monitor things such as resources, to-do lists, quantity indicators, purchases or cooperation together. 

The overview also presents the current risks and conclusions. Errors observed and results of the safety measurements are automatically updated in the overview via APIs, so that nothing is forgotten or left undone, and problems can be intervened in proactively and through cooperation. 

Transparent decision-making

The key benefit of the overview is the transparent and regular assessment of the current situation. A tried-and-true schedule is reviewing the project progress every two weeks. Not all data needs to be updated at this interval: for example, cost projections and the overall schedule are updated once a month. Quantities are monitored once a week. 

The constantly updated status data supports management by knowledge and provides the client with a broad view of the project. Decision-making is faster when the overview can be used to justify each decision precisely and explicitly. The overview also brings various parties’ views together, which allows the discussions to move forward quickly and focus on the most feasible solutions. 


Vili Korhonen

Project Situation Awareness Specialist

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