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Parametric design is a process based on algorithmic thinking, in which the goals that control the design of an object are written into the algorithm using parameters to perform a specific task. This will optimise the desired target mode and the ability to analyse the solution.


Parametric Design

Algorithm-based design automates a designer’s routine tasks. It reduces errors and improves the quality of design.

Our Parametric Design as a Service (PDaaS) allows users to view parameter models in a web browser. This gives you the freedom to explore different design combinations and choose the combinations that best suit your needs. The service supports parameter models created with Grasshopper (visual parameter programming language and environment).

  • Enables automation of design processes
  • Dramatically speeds up the review of alternative solutions
  • No additional software installation required
  • Works conveniently for a mobile

Viacon developed an experiental bidding planning tool

The bidding material for ViaCon’s new product, the precast concrete bridge, is made in the industry with a completely new 3D tool. Sweco’s parametric design experts developed a visual web platform to design viaCon’s entire bridge site and optimize structures during the bidding phase. In the future, the tool will also enable the carbon footprint calculation of the bridge site.

ViaCon PDaaS

Niko Vironen

Product and Sales Manager, VDC Services

Ilari Pirhonen

Technology Manager, parametric design

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