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Sharing BIMs at the construction stage

Sharing BIMs at the construction stage 

SmartDrawings makes information models available to all parties of a construction project easily and on any device. The information model required can also be viewed in the worksite quickly using the QR code on the 2D drawings. 

BIMs for worksites using QR codes

SmartDrawings is a part of the structural planning implemented by Sweco. With SmartDrawings, the different parties of a construction project can access the building information model easily using a browser on a computer or smartphone. By scanning the QR code of the 2D drawings, the selected part of the model can be viewed, such as the installation phase underway. The service does not require software installations or login credentials: everyone can access the information they want quickly. 

Visual overview

SmartDrawings saves time, especially in challenging construction projects where installation solutions are complex and there is much room for interpretation. Discussions are easier when correct information is immediately available when it is needed and details can be checked at the push of a button. Commenting based on information models guarantees that everyone is on the same page and has a correct view of the situation. The visuals also support worksite inspections. 

In addition to worksite operations, SmartDrawings is also well-suited for all kinds of visualisation. Illustrative presentation materials and impressive attachments to tenders can be created for the construction project. The digital service also allows for a visual presentation of the project overview and the planning of co-creation at various stages of the project. 

The right version for everyone

Various versions of SmartDrawings are available. The easiest and quickest way of testing the tool’s usefulness is using the free viewer version, which is included in all of Sweco’s structural plans. With the viewer, the information model can be looked at from various directions, which helps spectators get an idea of the details quickly. The view can easily be shared with others, which will minimise misunderstandings and unnecessary work. When the installation solutions can be quickly verified in the worksite, the work will be more efficient and implementation will be faster. 

The paid version of SmartDrawings includes various tools to make the most out of information models. With the full version, measurements and structural cross-sections can be generated for the information model. Comments can also be added to the model, which will ensure that all parties are talking about the same topic. This way, the visual service also functions as a discussion forum, which will improve construction quality, efficiency and productivity. 

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