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Stakeholder involvement and visualisation 

Stakeholder involvement and visualisation 

Stakeholder involvement is a key part of co-creation, design management and smooth implementation in a construction project. Using visualisation software and virtual environments, a clear overview of the project can be achieved, and seeing the functionality of the spaces is easy. This will also ensure success in the end. 

Decision-making regardless of place and time

In a virtual environment, everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in the decision-making. Management by knowledge is also emphasised when all parties have a clear idea of the matters to be decided on. With visualisation tools, even the most complex projects can be presented in a comprehensible way, and the decision-makers can be located anywhere. As such, digital tools support co-creation and open decision-making at all stages of the construction project. 

Comparing options together

With the help of VirtualSite, SmartDrawings, CAVE and gamification, the decision-making in a construction project can be made transparent from the start. Various stakeholders can be involved in the comparison of different options. Such stakeholders include subcontractors, maintenance companies and the future users of the building. The visual information model ensures that everyone is on the same page about how different choices affect the building’s investment and operation costs, implementation schedule or carbon footprint. 

Feasibility and functionality

A virtual model can be used to ensure both the feasibility of the design solutions and the functionality of the facilities. A visual 3D model illustrates the matters to be decided on to the various parties, which ensures that everyone is discussing the same things. The users’ voice can be heard regarding the design and implementation solutions, and contractors have the opportunity to comment on the choices early on. The virtual environment also helps the team justify the decisions made when negotiating with the authorities, for example. 

A tool for maintenance

Listening to various stakeholders and ensuring efficient exchange of information improve the entire lifecycle management of the building. Maintenance experts can be involved in the decision-making early on, already in the planning phase. A virtual environment or visual information model can be combined with facility-specific information about the site’s structures, technology or occupancy rate, for example. Thanks to this, digital solutions support long-term planning and the routines in the maintenance stage. 

Low-threshold digital solutions

We want to make digital services accessible to our clients as easily as possible. For this purpose, we have developed products that can be used flexibly via a web browser on a computer or phone. You can get started with small investments, and no initial data beyond the building’s information model, for example, is needed. 

In addition to pre-made VR and AR products, we also develop unique digital solutions for our clients. Together, we will think about the best ways of digitalising your business. 

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