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Sweco Map Service 

Sweco Map Service 

The browser-based maps provide information about a municipality’s services, zoning, land for sale and recreational areas, both to residents and officials. The tools of the service are suitable for everyday use and make geospatial, property and registry information easy to view. In addition to that, Sweco’s map service allows geospatial information to be used in decision-making during projects. The public datasets of the digital maps are typically updated automatically via interfaces. 

Co-creating maps 

Sweco’s map services have undergone several decades of development, and our clients include more than 70 Finnish municipalities, cities and water companies. Thanks to our agile organisation, a map can be up and running in just a day, in addition to which collaboration often continues, year after year, in the form of updates to and co-creation of new map features. Parts of a map’s content are usually open to everyone, while other features, such as underground conduit maps, are only available to the authorities. 

Local detailed plans and master plans in the map service 

Local detailed plans, shoreline plans, master plans and combinations of these have been part of our map service for 25 years. We often update these plan combinations on behalf of our clients. The browser-based map application offers an easy way to cross-examine datasets, such as zoning areas and land within them that is for sale. Additionally, more information e.g. on the zoning ordinance and approval dates is only a few clicks away. 

Bespoke and up-to-date information 

The information contained by a map is tailored according to the client’s preferences. Locations can be marked on the map as dots, lines or areas. By clicking on a location, you can view information e.g. about the size of plots for sale or the operating areas of the water resources management. A map can also illustrate any municipal services, such as health care providers and sports venues. 

Information from various sources is displayed in the map service via interfaces. Our service can include open nationwide databases, or we can add a client’s own data layers onto the map. This allows information about e.g. national parks or groundwater basins to be quickly updated onto the map. Information about public sports venues and recreational areas comes mainly from a national database called LIPAS. 

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