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VirtualSite – Collaboration without restrictions

With a virtual 3D working environment, we enable project co-development and meetings quickly, efficiently and safely remotely.

The 3D environment on a realistic scale makes the project significantly more understandable. The functionality of different design solutions can be verified already on the design table, and not only after construction.

VirtualSite enhances project management, information flow and interaction between all parties involved in the project and opens up completely new opportunities for co-creation and stakeholder involvement.

Sweco’s highly developed virtual environment and extensive development network ensure the safe and easy deployment and use of the tool. Its smart and experimental technologies enable the design of large global plant projects and buildings anywhere very efficiently.

VirtualSite is produced with virtual models of either individual spaces and functions or large entities such as buildings or factory areas. Virtual models are produced automatically based on a data model.

  • Makes decision-making faster and more accurate
  • Streamline interaction and increase cooperation between interest groups
  • Involve stakeholders
  • Improves productivity
  • Strengthens risk management and public safety

Group access and meetings in a virtual environment

In Virtualsite, you can organize meetings like Teams. Participants join the same virtual environment and users can see and hear each other (avatars) and can move in the virtual environment.
The team leader can move the participants to the same location in the template. In addition, various functions such as commenting, drawing, highlighting objects, etc. visible to the entire group of participants.


The virtual working environment opens up completely new opportunities for co-creation. In the model, you can understand and experience things from different perspectives and look at how the options work. For example, the requirements of occupational safety, serviceability or accessibility can be tested.

It is possible to import pre-added objects into the template. These objects can also be moved, and all of these are also visible in group access. You can use the Drawing Tool to draw and write freely. The drawings are displayed in group access to everyone involved in the template.


In a virtual environment, the visuality of the plans is brought to a whole new level when they can be viewed from within the model, from different perspectives, and thus different user roles can be involved in the plans in a completely different way than by looking at two-dimensional drawings.

In addition, things can be displayed in a virtual environment. For example, the building order of an object can be done in VirtualSite and ensure functionality before building itself.

VirtualSite visualizes Lumon’s balcony glass solutions for customers on a whole new level

Lumon, which operates internationally, was looking for new ways to implement presentations of the product idea of balcony glazing to customers. The customer chose Sweco as the solution for virtual reality ™ VirtualSite. At Lumon, virtual models are perceived to give them a competitive advantage, as extreme weather phenomena caused by climate change, for example, are realised by the model for residents, architects and developers.


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Physically separated – mentally together

VirtualSite provides all project parties with an illustrative space and virtual viewing model to help people meet risk-free and securely. People are physically separated in virtual reality, but the sense of connection is strong.  If one image matches 1,000 words, the virtual experience outperforms a thousand videos and is always unique.


Niko Vironen

Product and Sales Manager, VDC Services