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Worksite overview with Site360

Worksite overview with Site360

The Site360 service illustrates the current status of the worksite in different parts of the plant quickly using a 3D information model. The progress and completion of the installation work can also be compared with the project schedule. This allows for all parties to have the same real-time information on the status of the site in a transparent way.

Location information in the 3D view

The Site360 service illustrates the status of worksite installations in different colours in the 3D information model. We photograph or laser scan the site at regular intervals, creating continuously updated point cloud material of the site. It indicates the location of different building elements and equipment, i.e. the progress of worksite installations.

Information model based schedules

Location information can be linked automatically to the project’s information model based schedules. This allows for Site360 to tell you the status of the different installation jobs in relation to schedules and installation tolerances. It ensures that each building component and appliance is installed in the correct place within the agreed schedule. Conflicts and errors will also be addressed in time, helping to avoid delays and costly modifications.

Digital site steering

The Site360 service and the progress of the installation work can be connected to Sweco’s Virtual Twin service. The contractors and installers will then sign off on the completed installation work digitally. The advantage of the operating model is transparency. Installations follow each other smoothly, and site steering is easy when information also flows effortlessly between different companies.

Visual reports and documentation

Visual schedule reports can be produced for each Site360 view to indicate whether a component is installed on target time, what is still missing and whether something is installed early (as-built quality assurance). Clear documentation ensures that device component specific information can also be easily shared with different parties. In addition, you can easily review data later and installation tolerances can be checked retrospectively.

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