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Diversity and inclusion at Sweco

Sweco’s DEI strategy was completed in early 2023. The starting point of our strategy is to invest in building a genuinely more inclusive work community and then invest in the development of a more diverse work community.

The goal is to create a work community where every Sweco employee feels that they can be themselves and belong to a team. In addition, we want to ensure that all employees have equal opportunities to succeed and develop in their own work.

Sweco’s equality work and its objectives in Finland:

  • Sweco Finland Oy’s equality and non-discrimination plan is part of the work community development plan.
  • The plan includes measures to promote diversity and inclusive treatment to help us build better jobs and better business.

Sweco’s strategic goals for developing diversity are:

  • We create opportunities for non-Finnish speakers to work at Sweco and integrate into our work community.
  • The share of women is higher than the industry average in Finland, the share of supervisor women/project managers at least the same as among the entire personnel. The common goal of the Sweco Group is that 40% of our employees will be women by 2040.
  • Age should not be an obstacle to developing and growing at Sweco.
  • We value different educational backgrounds and combine them into successful teams.

The focus of Sweco’s DEI measures for 2023 and 2024 is on building a more inclusive work community, creating a common understanding, increasing DEI understanding and refining indicators.

Especially during 2023, we have invested in developing the employee experience of our English-speaking experts. We are also familiar with neurodiversity and are working on our operating models to support our people’s opportunities to work at Sweco and in our work community.

In 2023, we have coached both our management team and supervisors into the diversity theme, and the coaching will continue this year. Sweco has a Diversity network open to all, where DEI themes are discussed once a month. The aim is to engage people to think about how we are building a more diverse work community at Sweco. The language of the group is English. Several articles related to inclusivity have been published for employees.

We are developing our dashboard for our DEI work. At the moment, we are measuring the development of the number of women among all personnel, supervisors and project managers. In addition, we monitor selected personnel survey questions based on gender data and age.

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