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Sustainable growth and competitive edge through energy transition solutions

Climate change, digitalisation and the electrification of society accelerate the energy transition through which we move away from an energy system based on fossil fuels. The energy transition will occur in all areas of the energy industry: production, storage and distribution, and use. It will provide businesses with plenty of opportunities – the solutions include renewable forms of energy production, more efficient energy storage and demand response, energy-efficient buildings, circular energy economy and electric driving forces. At Sweco, we support you in all energy transition projects at all stages of their lifecycle.

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Renewable energy production supports the green transition

In the area of the European Union, the aim is to have renewable energy cover 40% of all energy consumption by 2030. Efficient production of renewable energy is key in this green transition that aims for a carbon-neutral society.

At Sweco, we support the green transition of our society in our daily work on renewable energy production projects. Solar electricity and other means of using solar energy are excellent ways of building an energy-sustainable society. We offer comprehensive expertise for all projects related to solar energy.

Wind power and the various ways of utilising it are another way of contributing to the green transition. We provide everything you need for a successful wind farm project, from environmental impact assessments and land use planning to technical design. We have also been involved in the development of international business in offshore wind power so that operators in the industry can respond to future energy needs. We help combine wind power and solar power with other innovations for the energy transition, such as the production of green hydrogen.

Hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources, i.e. green hydrogen, is a fascinating innovation for the energy transition and a way to mitigate climate change that also maintains the competitiveness and energy self-sufficiency of nations. Hydrogen can be refined into synthetic fuels, such as methane, which can help reduce the emissions of the transport sector, for example. Our experts have extensive international experience of projects related to the storage, production and transfer of hydrogen.

Energy storage and distribution balance supply

Energy storage and distribution balance supply

Efficient energy storage solutions play a key role in balancing the supply of renewable energy. Our experienced energy sector professionals carry out background research to promote the energy transition, offer strategic consultation for energy organisations, and implement various energy storage and distribution solutions together with our clients and partners.Heat storage and the utilisation of heat waste are essential as well. Heat is commonly stored in water, examples of which include heat reservoirs and district heating networks. Surplus heat is generated in many industrial processes and even purified sewage contains extra heat. Seawater that heats up in the summer is already being stored into various types of rock and cave storage.

Power-to-X (P2X) is a key technology for the energy transition. Power-to-X technologies refer to processes in which electric energy produced from renewable energy sources is used to make electric fuels and similar compounds. Power-to-X helps build renewable energy reservoirs through which electricity can be converted into other forms and back to electricity as necessary.

Battery technology can be used by connecting it directly to an energy system or via battery capacity. Batteries help move large volumes of power in the electric grid. Sweco offers expertise and planning for the entire battery value chain from sustainable mineral mining to the implementation of an industrial plant.

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Electricity consumption and recycling are at the heart of the energy transition

Electricity consumption and recycling are at the heart of the energy transition

For the green transition to succeed, it is required that the heat and electricity consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of industry, cities, buildings and transport are reduced. At Sweco, we carry out profitable energy efficiency projects through solutions such as using district heating grids for energy storage, industrial-scale heat pumps, production plant efficiency, energy recycling and heat waste recovery.

Sustainable development and energy conservation are key parts of our modern planning process even in construction and urban development. Our energy experts steer urban development projects towards energy efficiency, zero-energy construction, carbon-neutral buildings and sustainable transport and logistics systems. We provide lifecycle and energy consultation for both individual buildings and whole areas. In our consultation work, we make use of our strong competencies with systems and processes and the best digital tools available.

Energy transition starts with a strategy

Realising the energy transition starts from the drawing board: the strategy. Sweco’s consultants help our clients combine sustainable growth and competitiveness in all energy projects, making the green transition a reality.

Erkki Härö

Energy expert, industry

Riku Maidell

Business Director, Sustainable Development Services

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