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The way we generate and consume energy is undergoing a fundamental transition due to climate change, digitalization and microgeneration. For example wind, solar and small-scale power plants, as well as energy storage, pose a challenge to the supply system and control of the grid. Furthermore, the electrification of society, e.g. the adoption of electric cars, and smart power grids are changing the way in which we consume energy.


Energy transition

Our energy sector experts understand various energy ecosystems and processes from energy generation to consumption, recycling and distribution. We can help energy systems and networks work more efficiently and our customers to develop new services to the sector. At the same time, we look for solutions to tackle climate change and achieve carbon-neutrality goals together.

Renewable energy

Different forms of renewable energy, such as wind power and geothermal heating, offer solutions for generating energy sustainably. We can help you develop energy systems and services that promote global climate and carbon-neutrality goals.

Uusiutuva energia

New technologies

The transformation of the energy sector will increase the intelligence of energy systems in industry, real estate and transport. New technologies and cross-sectoral cooperation enable efficient energy production, storage and regional recycling.

UI ilmastointisäädin

Riku Maidell

Sustainable and smart construction

Erkki Härö

Energy expert, industry

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