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Power plants



Power plants

Cost-effectively generated energy brings balance and stability to the daily operations. Heat and electricity are needed in all areas of society: buildings, devices, transport and industrial processes. We are helping domestic energy production become more sustainable through out comprehensive consultation and design services. We can also assist with the management of power plant projects, from energy analyses to the implementation, and planning the site’s demolition towards the end of its lifecycle.

Renewable energy from waste

Sustainable and responsible waste management minimises the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and, subsequently, the impact on the environment. Waste recycling and reuse are continuously becoming more advanced, but some waste will still need to be responsibly incinerated. This means that waste components unsuitable for other uses can provide renewable, domestically generated energy. Furthermore, if the location of a waste incineration plant is right, the distance that waste has to travel is reduced, as are the resulting emissions.

Projects to upgrade and alternate power plants

Our experts can help customers improve the operations of power plants of all kinds. We are well-acquainted with the special features of hybrid and waste incineration plants and have extensive experience in various technologies, such as steam and gas turbines. We can help customers upgrade power plants, making them environmentally more sustainable, by using flue gas washers and making alterations to the fuel reception, for example. Furthermore, we provide expert help with power plants’ lifecycle and demolition plans.

Erkki Härö

Energy expert, industry

Riku Maidell

Business Director, Sustainable Development Services

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Team leader

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