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Renewable energy

Uusiutuva energia


Renewable energy

Renewable energy sources provide solutions for sustainable energy production. We can help you develop energy systems and services that promote global climate and carbon-neutrality goals. Depending on your needs, we can manage the development work holistically from the feasibility studies and concept creation to system design, project management and optimisation during use.

Renewable energy from the ground

In Finland, too, renewable heating and cooling energy is harvested from the ground, which is nature’s own heat storage. Heat harvesting pipes can be installed horizontally under ground, into a heat well hundreds of metres deep or an energy well that can reach several kilometres below the surface. In addition to heating, geothermal energy can be used in environmentally-friendly cooling.

Locally sustainable solar, wind and hydropower solutions

Wind and solar power systems are fast becoming more common. In addition to them, energy harvested from lakes and seas can be increasingly efficiently used by property-specific and regional energy systems, such as for cooling down industrial processes and generating district cooling. We combine our local expertise with the latest technology, which allows us to optimise energy systems from the very start in terms of their location, lifecycle costs and operational reliability.

The heat pump technology is scalable according to location

Renewable energy generation is usually based on cost-effective and energy-efficient heat pump technology. Air source heat pumps and air-to-water heat pumps can be flexibly scaled to locations of various sizes, from industrial plants to homes and offices. Heat pumps provide solutions to heating, cooling, and recovery of condensate and waste heat.

Biofuels reduce carbon emissions

Domestic renewable biofuels, such as biogas, bio-oil and biodiesel, can generate sustainable heating and cooling energy for buildings, industry and transport. Biofuel production is often an integral part of local circular economy, such as sustainable waste management and utilisation of industrial side-flows. At the same time, we are promoting a national objective of ending the use of fuel oil by 2030.

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