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With solar energy towards to more sustainable society

Solar energy

Solar energy and its various utilisation methods help in the green transition towards a sustainable society. We offer comprehensive expertise for solar energy projects. We help integrate solar energy into other renewable energy  technologies as well.

Renewable electricity and heat from the sun

Solar panels produce renewable electricity, which helps to break away from fossil fuel energy production methods such as coal, natural gas, and peat. The production of renewable solar energy also increases Finland’s energy self-suffiency. Renewable solar energy is the answer to climate change, energy transition and the green transition of society.

Heating production is also electrifying rapidly. Solar power enables the production of heat through various heat pumps and energy recycling and storage. Solar collectors can also directly produce thermal energy.

We have assembled a comprehensive service package for solar energy projects. Our experts ensure that the solar power plant is located, permitted, designed, and built correctly and responsibly from both social and environmental perspectives. We serve energy companies and SPVs, municipalities, housing companies and other property owners in different business areas.

Solar power plant project development

Our consultants assist in initiating a solar power project. Collaboration often begins with mapping out areas suitable for production. We also create national, regional and municipal solar energy strategies, planning decisions and legal plans. Collaboration can also begin with business model development and technology monitoring.

Our experts in land use, project development and environmental consulting consider the different stages of the project. This allows for smooth permitting of the project and efficient production, transmission, use and storage of solar energy during the operational phase.


Uusiutuva energia

Geotechnical permits, investigations and reports

In addition to the planning permit application and area zoning, we help carry out all the necessary reports for a solar power plant. These include separate and preliminary reports such as environmental impact assessments (YVA) and risk analysis. We help manage the entire licensing process to ensure the project is completed in good spirits and on schedule.

Environmental reports The licencing of a solar power plant requires a comprehensive assessment of its environmental impacts. We prepare background information, such as natural surveys, which provide information on the effects of the solar power plant on nature, landscape and built cultural environment. We also conduct stormwater surveys, traffic surveys and construction feasibility studies. In addition, we conduct necessary stormwater surveys.

Site conditions Before designing a solar power plant, site surveys are required, as well as comparisons of different installation and foundation methods. We determine the load-bearing capacity of structures, wind loads on solar panels and the need for possible wind protection. We also assess the number of panels needed for each specific project, how to position them, and what the optimal installation angle is.

Investment surveys At the beginning of a solar energy project, it is important to evaluate the economic conditions. Energy investment studies and comparative analyses ensure the economic viability of the solar power plant.



Planning and implementation of solar energy projects


Planning and implementation of solar energy projects


Solar power plants and  energy-efficient projects that utilise solar energy require multidisciplinary design expertise and coordination of different technical fields. Therefore, we offer all solar power project designers under the same roof. This ensures that the completed solar power plant operates optimally and produces energy with the best possible efficiency. For residential solar energy projects, our housing association services provide the best service.


Digital tools and communication

The utilisation of solar energy is constantly developing, and often the entire project team is at the forefront of new technology. We utilise various digital tools such as VirtualSite, PlanPlus and SmartDrawings in project communication, result presentations and design solution comparisons. We also offer comprehensive modeling, simulation and optimisation services, and geospatial services.

According to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the green transition should be equitable for all. Therefore, clear external communication and visualisations are needed in solar energy projects. We conduct necessary resident surveys and facilitate workshops during the project. We also support cooperation with authorities and illustrate the joint impacts of the project. Transparent and participatory communication improves the acceptability of the entire project.

We are familiar with various renewable energy technologies and hybrid projects, where e.g. solar panels are combined with wind turbines. Learn more about wind power!

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