Digital services supporting design and construction

Digitality challenges old patterns, creating new operating methods and cooperation. Digital tools improve the efficiency and productivity of operations even in the construction branch and the design and construction of built environment and industry. Sweco studies, develops and produces services for the various phases of the value flow, from strategic land use to the introduction and eventual reuse of the site. We believe in the power of cooperation and partnerships when aiming to create growth and a better future. We are familiar with virtual technologies, and understand how technology can be used as part of everyday design and construction to achieve the objectives of our customers. Enhanced project management, information flow and interaction Functional, efficient and energy-efficient buildings and spaces should not be taken for granted – but digitalisation enables the production and utilisation of more and more precise information transparently in all phases of the project. The use of information modelling has increased significantly during the past decades. We believe that new, intelligent tools can help us make the most out of information modelling by shortening lead times, making decision-making processes even faster and improving design quality even further. Thanks to information modelling and Sweco’s new digital services, the infrastructure project will become more transparent and open. We use information and virtual technology utilised through the information models to visualise the physical and operational site for the use of the various interest groups in an early stage of the project, enabling better observance of the aspects valued most by the customer and the end user in design and decision-making. This ensures that buildings and spaces are functional and efficient, and meet the end users’ needs. Cost accounting and yield determination services can also be combined with planning and virtual models. Our digital services cover the entire life cycle of construction. They streamline the flow of information and project management and save time and money in terms of the entire project.


  • VirtualSite
  • Smartdrawings
  • Model Safe
  • Decommissioning
  • Safety Index
  • Situational awareness

Virtual Site – tangible aspects and cooperation without limitations

VIRTUALSITE is a virtual cooperation platform developed by Sweco, which enables design development and communications through a shared view.

It serves all the interest groups of construction projects from design to marketing.

Sweco’s highly-developed virtual environment and extensive development network ensure the safe and easy commissioning and use of the tool. 

  • Faster and more accurate decision-making
  • Increased collaboration between interest groups
  • Improved productivity
  • Smoother interaction
  • Improved risk management and overall safety

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