Digitalisation, extreme weather phenomena, urbanisation – there are more factors that affect the technical safety of the built environment than there has ever been before. Whether it is a production plant, shopping centre, public building, infrastructural construction, investment project or renovation, the management of technical safety determines the schedule, quality and costs. We at Sweco know how to take global megatrends into account to make sure that the built environment and cities, as well as the structures and infrastructure designed for them, are safe. The factors affecting safety are more complex than before and link together in different areas of the built environment. Projects can have several executors, which creates challenges in the management of the overall costs and schedule. However, the safe completion of the project is only one part of a safe built environment. Together with Sweco’s experts, comprehensive risk and safety management enables safe design solutions. As a safety partner, we build safe cities and a safe society.


  • Safe and sustainable buildings
  • Risk management
  • Urban Safety
  • Industry
  • Environment and changing nature
  • Energy transition and security of energy supply
  • Product and chemical safety

Safe and sustainable buildings

Properties have a great deal of the same technology and automation brought about by digitalisation that shape our urban environment. The design solutions of building services, structural engineering and architecture affect, for example, the safety of offices, schools, shopping centres and homes.

We take the safety of properties into account in building services engineering and automation, as well as structural engineering. Building safety covers such things as functional automation systems, heating and cooling, structures that suppress noise pollution from traffic, fire safety and protection from weather and natural phenomena. The sustainable structures of the future are safe from the perspectives of digitalisation, use and the changing climate. The quality management of indoor air is also an integral part of the design and renovation of safe properties.


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As a safety partner, we build safe cities and a safe society.

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