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The green transition is made together

Together with green transition solutions, we can build a more sustainable society. This requires experience and holistic thinking in the green transition everything affects everything.

Green transition solutions help towards a more sustainable society

With solutions for the green transition, we can build a more sustainable society together. This requires experience and holistic thinking: in the green transition, everything affects everything. Sweco is on the path to the green transition. The green transition is key to tackling climate change and preserving biodiversity. Sweco’s best experts in the field have harnessed the latest digital technologies and tools to offer you the most innovative solutions for the green transition.

Thriving urban life through the green transition 

Thriving urban life through the green transition 

It is predicted that by 2050 as many as 79% of Finns will live in cities, which further emphasises the importance of sustainable urban planning and construction. The green transition creates new opportunities for creating sustainable and comfortable urban environments. They integrate living, working and leisure seamlessly into an ecological lifestyle.  

Sweco’s multidisciplinary teams of top experts are pioneers in sustainable  urban planning and the green transition. In our work, we use energy-efficient construction solutions, utilise renewable energy and smart energy systems, and apply the principles of circular economy 

We design land use urban planning and real estate to take into account the effects of climate change, such as increasing rainfall and increasing heat.  

Green transition on roads and streets: solutions for sustainable mobility  

Green transition on roads and streets: solutions for sustainable mobility  

The green transition is visible in transport, which uses increasingly environmentally friendly mobility solutions. Sustainable cities invest in public transport, walking and cycling, as well as electric mobility alternatives. This will reduce emissions, congestion and improve the air quality and comfort of cities.

The green transition requires the modernisation of transport infrastructure, such as the creation of intelligent transport systems, the increase in the number of recharging points for electric cars and the promotion of sustainable means of transport.   

At Sweco, we have in-depth expertise in sustainable mobility solutions. We offer innovative and environmentally beneficial mobility options for many needs, whether it is pedestrian, cycling, city bikes or other mobility services. Our extensive expertise also covers public transport, mobility management systems and the development of sustainable transport infrastructure.

Offshore wind power for a low-emission and self-sufficient tomorrow

Offshore wind will contribute to the green transition. Offshore wind farms provide a sustainable source of energy and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Thus, offshore wind power not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also strengthens the country’s energy self-sufficiency.  

Sweco is an experienced expert in offshore wind farm projects. If necessary, we take care of all phases of the project – from preliminary studies to statutory processes and from planning to implementation and decommissioning. In all projects, we emphasize biodiversity conservation, maximizing energy efficiency and economic profitability.

Preserving biodiversity is part of every project

Preserving biodiversity is part of every project

Biodiversity plays a key role in the green transition. Protecting biodiversity is crucial to combating climate change and maintaining the functioning of ecosystems.  

At Sweco, we are committed to promoting biodiversity in cooperation with our customers. For each project, we assess the current state of biodiversity and try to anticipate possible changes and minimize the associated risks. 

Green transition promotes energy transition: from carbon footprint to carbon handprint

Finland aims to be the first fossil-free welfare society, already in 2035. This requires accelerated emission reductions in all sectors, especially energy and industry, which play a key role in the fight against climate change. 

At Sweco, we are at the forefront of the energy transition: we design flexible and sustainable solutions for energy production and storage. In our projects, we invest in renewable forms of energy and promote resource-efficient industrial design.  

Our goal is not only to reduce the carbon footprint of projects, but also to create positive climate impacts, i.e. increase the carbon handprint. We utilize materials that promote carbon sequestration and circular economy concepts that support the sustainable use of raw materials. This is how we create new, sustainable business.   

Green transition strategies set the trailblazer for a sustainable future

We have solid experience and diverse expertise in creating sustainability strategies. In our strategy work, we utilize our multidisciplinary expertise, active stakeholder cooperation and participatory approach. Our goal is to create a truly sustainable society and provide the companies involved in its construction with a significant competitive advantage. 

We offer strategic planning and consulting services that promote sustainable business in both the built environment and industry. Our operations support the green transition and the journey towards a sustainable society, with a particular focus on climate change mitigation, circular economy solutions and supporting biodiversity. 

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