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Sweco programmed own carbon footprint calculator into its design software

The add-on is integrated into the Tekla Structures BIM software used for structural design, of which Sweco is one of the biggest users with its 1200 licenses across Europe. The add-on allows the designer to see the carbon footprint for the entire model or parts of it already at the early design stage.

The add-on utilizes the generic emissions database Emissions database for construction (co2data.fi), which is maintained by the Ministry of the Environment and the Finnish Environment Institute. The designer sees directly from the design view the CO2 effect of the structure they have chosen, increasing the true usability of the data.

“With this powerful tool, we now have a genuine ability to evaluate and compare alternative solutions from a sustainability perspective and provide our customers with a demonstrated and justifiably more environmentally friendly option in all of our projects,” explains Ismo Tawast, Business Unit Director, Structural Engineering at Sweco Finland.

Pre-counting emissions within the database, which is harmonized and scalable, gives Sweco’s customers huge benefits. Pre-counting emissions will not be included in the building permit process until 2024, but Sweco’s customers will be frontrunners in adapting to the new regulations with an increased awareness of the environmental impact of their projects.

As emissions from energy production fall, the importance of material choices is constantly emphasized. In energy-efficient new buildings, structures can account for up to more than 70% of a building’s carbon footprint. Therefore climate-critical decisions are made on the design table.

“Assessing CO2 effects and considering alternatives should be part of a designer’s daily life. Automated and integrated tools make this easy and helps discovering critical entities for cutting emissions and outline their connections. It is great that the Ministry of the Environment is providing a common database to promote commonality and understanding”, says Mia Andelin, Chief Sustainability Officer at Sweco Finland.

As a pioneer in sustainable development, Sweco is constantly developing new solutions to build a more sustainable society. Sweco ranked ninth together with the financial group Nordea in a recent survey by Aktuell Hållbarhet, which ranked Sweden’s 133 largest listed companies from a sustainability perspective.

“By being the first in the field to integrate the calculator into the daily lives of structural designers, Sweco helps its customers adapt to the prevailing operating environment, where both investors and authorities require concrete evidence of responsible investments”, says Kari Nöjd, Chief Technology Officer, Structural Engineering at Sweco Finland.

Sweco will make the add-on developed in Finland available for other Sweco countries.


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Ismo Tawast, Business Unit Director, Structural Engineering Sweco Finland, +358 40 5287432, ismo.tawast@sweco.fi

Tim Karike, Head of Press Sweco Finland, +358 44 5075562, tim.karike@sweco.fi