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Sweco’s landscape design awarded the sustainable environmental construction label KESY

Published: Nov 14, 2023

The KESY label, a recognition for sustainable environmental construction, can be awarded to companies or individual projects, and the recipients commit to the sustainable operating model in construction and planning, and the promotion of sustainability goals. The operating model for sustainable environmental construction brings together means that aim to reduce or mitigate the harmful impacts caused by construction. The operating model covers the entire construction process from design to construction and maintenance.

Climate change and urbanisation pose challenges to landscape design. More than 70% of Finns live in cities, which creates a clear need for pleasant environmental construction and nature based solutions in urban areas. The operating model of the KESY label helps to take into account the perspectives of sustainable development and especially ecological sustainability in environmental construction. The aim is to design, build and maintain the environment in such a way that the harmful effects of construction are completely avoided or mitigated.

“Receiving the KESY label delighted us landscape designers very much. It verifies our design principles already in use in our landscape design. We help create a comprehensively sustainable society with space for both people and nature. We look at the urban environment equally from the perspective of people and nature, while taking into account everyday necessities, such as winter street maintenance and smooth commuting. Snow loads must continue to fit into the Finnish cityscape,” says Eija Grönqvist, Department Manager in Landscape Planning at Sweco.

Promoting people’s health and well-being increases social sustainability

One of the themes of the sustainable environmental construction focuses on promoting citizens’ health and wellbeing. The operating principles support the cherishing of the values of cultural environments, the accessibility, comfort and safety of outdoor spaces. The aim is to promote the accessibility of green areas and other public spaces. Green areas and green environments have been identified as having a positive impact on human health and well-being. Outdoor spaces also play a significant role as a place for mental recovery, community and physical activities.

Sustainable construction requires multidisciplinary expertise

Making sustainable choices requires combining different perspectives, and it is important that sustainability perspectives cover the entire process chain of a construction project. The operating model of the KESY label provides tools for nurturing the water, soil and vegetation conditions at the construction site, operating principles for the production, selection and recycling of raw materials as well as other materials and products needed, and operating principles for energy saving, air quality and the promotion of human health and well-being. Our clients expect and challenge us to make sustainable choices.

Further information:
Eija Grönqvist, Department Manager, Sweco, eija.gronqvist@sweco.fi