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Vantaan Energia, Sweco and Fira are developing a waste treatment plant project using the alliance model

Vantaan Energia, Sweco and Fira have concluded a project alliance contract regarding the development of a waste treatment plant for non-recyclable waste. The contract covers the development phase of the alliance. The implementation phase is expected to begin in early 2022.

Vantaan Energia has selected Sweco and Fira as its alliance partners for its waste treatment plant project. In the alliance, these three operators will be jointly responsible for the progress of the project and they will share all the risks and benefits. The alliance is developing and refining Vantaan Energia’s preliminary plans to ensure the plans support the objectives of the project.

“The waste treatment plant developed through the flexible alliance model is a great addition to our non-recyclable waste treatment services. We are delighted to partner with these two experts in circular energy solutions and construction, Sweco and Fira, in the planning and execution of this large-scale project,” says Jukka Toivonen, CEO of Vantaan Energia.

The new waste treatment plant will be built in Vantaan Energia’s power plant area located northeast of Porvoonväylä (national road 7) and Kehä III (Ring III). The waste treatment plant will process the most common types of hazardous household and industrial waste and generate thermal energy for power production. The plant is expected to process approximately 30,000–45,000 tonnes of waste on an annual basis. The plant’s surface area is approximately 9,000 square metres.

The preliminary design of the project began in spring 2020. The alliance project will be launched in August 2021 and the development phase will last approximately six months. The implementation phase is expected to begin in early 2022. The plant will be completed in 2024.

Sweco and Fira have many years of experience in the development of energy industry and circular economy projects, and the companies have previously worked together on similar projects with great success.

“It is wonderful that Sweco was given the opportunity to be involved in adapting the alliance model to this project. Our alliance team strives to achieve the best possible results in this project, and we believe that the alliance model will also be applied to private projects in the future. We work sustainably, efficiently, safely and together – this is modern project development,” says Erik Skogström, Sweco Industry’s Managing Director.

“Fira’s strengths lie in cooperation, innovation and production of efficient solutions for our customers. The alliance model allows us to harness our full expertise for the benefit of the project, which is very inspiring,” says Tuomas Lankinen, Head of Project Development at Fira.

Further information:
Erik Skogström, Sweco Industry’s Managing Director, tel. +358 (0)40 0828 912, erik.skogstrom@sweco.fi
Jukka Toivonen, CEO of Vantaan Energia Oy, tel. +358 (0)50 4536729, jukka.toivonen@vantaanenergia.fi
Tuomas Lankinen, Head of Project Development, Fira Oy, tel. +358 (0)44 3786 454, tuomas.lankinen@fira.fi