Interim report January – June 2020 Sweco AB (PUBL)

16 July 2020
Continued solid performance in uncertain times

Cities need to build resilience towards increasingly common heatwaves

01 July 2020
The coronavirus has exposed elderly citizens as a high-risk group, but an increasingly warmer Europe poses yet another serious threat. More Europeans are dying from heatwaves than from all other natural hazards combined.  We need to do more to prepare and adapt our cities for the future, concludes Sweco in the latest of its Urban Insight reports.

Sweco involved in the design of the world’s first encapsulation and final disposal plant for spent nuclear fuel

17 June 2020
Posiva Oy is the world’s leading final disposal company, which will start the final disposal of the spent nuclear fuel of its owners, TVO and Fortum, to ONKALO® deep in the bedrock. Posiva is currently building an encapsulation and final disposal plant, which was granted a construction permit by the Government in 2015. The final disposal of spent nuclear fuel in Olkiluoto will utilise a process never before seen anywhere in the world.

Planning for increasing density and climate hazards - how do we create resilient societies?

10 June 2020
A new report from Sweco reveals how cities can increase the number of inhabitants by 100%, the number of workplaces by 100% and green space by 100% – all while improving liveability and climate resilience.

Inventory twin provides up-to-date initial data of demolition and modernisation sites

03 June 2020
The inventory twin developed by Sweco’s specialists offers up-to-date initial data for the demolition and modernisation projects of existing sites. Accurate initial data supports project cost control, material recycling opportunities and disturbance-free execution.

Tent hospital designed quickly for HUS in preparation for the epidemic

02 June 2020
New operating model can be copied across Finland as necessary. Facilities for around 160 coronavirus patients were created in the underground parking facility of Meilahti Hospital. Sweco’s architects drew up detailed designs for a tent hospital that can be extended according to need and be up and running within three weeks.

Mobile robots enhance logistics also in old hospital buildings

18 May 2020
Over the next few years, several Finnish hospitals are planning to deploy mobile robots: machines that transport goods independently. Mobile robots are able to go around people and obstacles and they can carry goods efficiently even in hospitals built in the 1970s.

Interim report January – March 2020 Sweco AB (PUBL)

15 May 2020
Strong start of the year – but uncertain times ahead

Sweco carried out an extensive survey on geothermal heat potential in Helsinki – first of its kind in Finland

12 May 2020
The City of Helsinki is currently in the process of preparing a new underground master plan. By 2050, Helsinki will have 200,000 more residents than it does now, which must be taken into account in all energy and land use planning. This is why the City commissioned Sweco to carry out Finland’s first extensive survey on the potential of geothermal heat.

Sweco’s VirtualSite service illustrates Lumon’s balcony glazing solutions with remote connections – visualisation of rain of great interest in Central Europe

11 May 2020
International glazing solution provider Lumon was looking for new ways of presenting their product ideas to customers, finding Sweco’s virtual reality service VirtualSite™ for solution. The solution gives Lumon the competitive edge since virtual models can be used to concretely illustrate for example extreme weather phenomena caused by climate change to residents, architects and property developers.