The City of Helsinki analysed the costs and carbon footprint of renovation and new construction

21 October 2019
Many Finnish cities are working to increase the efficiency of land use and condense the urban structure by means of complementary construction, tearing down old buildings and constructing new ones. The City of Helsinki wanted to determine the construction costs and emissions of two different methods: renovation and heightening versus dismantling and construction. Sweco conducted the cost analysis and carbon footprint calculation for two residential blocks of flats.

The new traffic arrangements of the Ekenäs School Centre encourage safe walking and cycling

30 September 2019
A new roundabout was completed in Raseborg near the Ekenäs School Centre during the summer. This also kicked off phased efforts to improve traffic safety in the area. Sweco’s infrastructure designers drew up the master plan for the area and the construction plan for the streets.

Expansion of Santa’s very own airport in Rovaniemi to be completed for the winter season

24 September 2019
The expansion ofthe Rovaniemi Airport terminal facilities is part of Finavia’s programme focused on developing airports in Lapland. The number of air passengers in the airports of Lapland is estimated to increase from 1.3 million to 2 million over the coming decade. Sweco is responsible for the structural and electrical design of the Rovaniemi air terminal.

Wärtsilä’s new flagship is a forerunner in responsible energy and marine industry

16 September 2019
The construction of Wärtsilä’s new research, product development and production centre in the Vaskiluoto district of Vaasa began in August. Smart Technology Hub is an historically sizeable venture for the entire project organisation, and Sweco is responsible for the primary architectural design and project management duties.

Sweco to set out mobility vision for Flemish transport regions

09 September 2019
In a consortium, Sweco will provide process guidance and set out the mobility vision for several transport regions in Belgium. The project has been commissioned by the Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works and is worth approximately 3.4 million euros.

Project implementation using the EPCM model lightens the industrial investor’s work load

29 August 2019
Project execution according to the EPCM model is best suited to situations where the builder of an industrial facility has a clear vision of what needs to be done and at what price. The only thing missing is the time needed for the implementation, the requisite competence and the expert organisation.

Sweco acquires the rail infrastructure engineering and consulting services business from NRC Group

12 August 2019
Sweco has signed an agreement to acquire the rail infrastructure engineering and consulting services business from NRC Group. With this acquisition, Sweco becomes the leading, full service railway design expert in Finland, while at the same time reinforcing the position in Sweden.

Interim report January – June 2019 Sweco AB (PUBL)

16 July 2019
Continued positive development

Sweco is exploring receipt and utilisation options for septic tank and cesspool sludge in Southwest Finland

28 June 2019
The region of Southwest Finland is seeking to establish itself as an environmental pioneer and ensure the cleanliness of the water systems and the archipelago in the area.

New thermal insulants lower production and transport costs in construction: Business Joensuu tasks Sweco with analysing the suitability of super insulants for energy-efficient construction

13 June 2019
The emission reduction goals set by the EU will increase zero-energy construction in Finland. Business Joensuu tasked Sweco specialists with analysing super insulation materials that conserve heat energy along with reducing construction and transport costs. This also frees up more floor area for the buildings.


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