Kainuu Hospital designed by Sweco wins Tekla BIM Awards


Kainuu Hospital designed by Sweco wins Tekla BIM Awards

15 June 2018
Kainuu Hospital has been selected as the best BIM project in Finland and the Baltic countries in Tekla BIM Awards 2018. The topping out ceremony for the hospital was also held 15 June. Sweco is largely involved in both the design and the design management of the project and has also been in charge of the BIM. The BIM-based collaboration between the project’s different parties has been extensive from the start.

According to the jury’s evaluation, the BIM has been used diversely both in the parties’ collaboration and the innovative solutions. In addition to the design process, BIM has also been used on the construction site and in the production chain. Smart technology and visualisation have been used effectively in the user-focused design. “The ‘New Hospital for Kainuu’ project was the most convincing example of effective BIM-based collaboration,” stated the chair of the jury, Olli Seppänen.

“We aimed to make an extensive BIM of the location so that the model could be fully used in all stages of the project and we could get reliable and consistent information to base any decisions on. Through close collaboration between the alliance’s design and engineering parties, we were able to make the models as accurate and real-time as possible. Participating in the design of a hospital that meets both the users’ needs and the technical requirements was a great experience. We used Sweco’s virtual spaces in the user-focused design, allowing users to move about in a nearly life-sized, three-dimensional environment. We are ecstatic about the win, and we want to thank the entire design team and the Kainua Alliance,” say Eemeli Tikkanen and Miika Juntunen, Sweco’s structural model specialists in charge of the BIM.

“The particularly challenging aspects were the design data that became more accurate over time and using the BIM in the cost estimation stage, during which it was important to find out the accurate amounts and masses with the model. As the model is used by various design and engineering fields, the data on the BIM needs to be extremely accurate. We succeeded exceptionally in this. The entire alliance has done a great job in using the model during the project, which is still ongoing,” says Heikki Mäenpää, who acts as the BIM coordinator for the project.

The Kainua Alliance is also delighted by the win. “Winning the BIM Awards is an esteemed recognition, and we have every reason to be proud of this win. We have aimed to maximise the model’s use in various ways. Modelling is not just a separate task, it’s a central part of the project’s implementation,” acknowledges Kimmo Ahonen, the Project Director of the Kainua Alliance.

Kainuu Hospital is the first hospital project in Finland that is implemented with the alliance model. Sweco has been involved in many different aspects of the project, both in the design and the design management. The project was submitted to the competition by Kainua Alliance, comprising Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority, the main contractor Skanska, the building service contractor Caverion and Sweco, who is responsible for the structural, building services and architectural design and logistics expertise of the project.

The winning entry will also participate in the Tekla Global BIM Awards 2018. Other Sweco projects were also submitted to Tekla BIM Awards, including the Helsinki Olympic Stadium and the Länsisalmi landscape portal. Länsisalmi landscape portal was awarded with Special Recognition.