Sweco’s updated SmartDrawings tool takes the digitalisation of construction to a whole new level


Sweco’s updated SmartDrawings tool takes the digitalisation of construction to a whole new level

7 February 2021
Sweco’s updated SmartDrawings tool enables all the parties involved in a construction project to take advantage of BIM data. This improves the information flow, saves time and increases work efficiency at construction sites and in element production.

Sweco is launching a new version of its SmartDrawings tool to leverage smart drawings in structural design more extensively than ever before. The new version of the tool makes BIM data available to all parties involved in a project. The data can be accessed on any device without logging in – even in the middle of a construction site. 

“Before this, accessing the structural design information models required software that only a few knew how to use. SmartDrawings does not require a separate application or software. The necessary information can be found quickly, which saves time and increases operational efficiency at construction sites and in element production,” says Antti Hämäläinen, Sweco’s BIM specialist. 

The technology of the SmartDrawings tool is based on the utilisation of 3D information models and the presentation of plans through a web browser – the models can be accessed on computers and mobile smart devices alike. The new version makes it possible to very specifically customise the BIM details to be presented visually, based on the customer’s needs. 

“Building information models contain a massive amount of data, which can make it challenging to find the right pieces of information. Preprocessing the information ensures that the necessary data can be found quickly and BIMs can be used more easily than before,” Hämäläinen says.  

Sweco pioneers the digitalisation of the field 

KIRAHub’s CEO Teemu Lehtinen is confident about the capacity of digital tools to generate genuine added value and expedite the completion of construction projects. 

“SmartDrawings is a good example of how BIM data is utilised in design, contracting and practical maintenance tasks. The tool reduces the necessity to constantly relay information back and forth between the various parties. This generates added value for everyone involved in the process,” Lehtinen says in summary.    

The built environment is the largest sector in the world, but Lehtinen finds that it has been fairly slow in leveraging new technology. This is why the development of productivity in construction has lagged behind other fields. By launching the updated SmartDrawings tool for extensive use in construction design processes, Sweco is making strides for the digitalisation of the entire construction sector. 

“For quite some time now, we have been investing in digital development and the utilisation of new tools across the entire life span of construction. SmartDrawings is another substantial step forwards,” Hämäläinen says. 

“Sweco has stepped up as a pioneer that has boldly pushed its ideas forwards and invested in development. We have also recruited new kinds of specialists to support this development,” Lehtinen adds. 

From a hackathon to design desks and construction sites 

Lehtinen knows what he is talking about as the first prototype of SmartDrawings took shape in a construction sector hackathon which he hosted in 2016. He sees benefit in the fact that Sweco as a design company also develops digital tools. 

“Design firms, architectural companies and contractors often have the most insight and grassroots experience with regard to processes. They know the customers’ needs and the problem areas that require new solutions,” he says. 

Lehtinen has found it amazing to witness the gradual development of SmartDrawings from a prototype in 2016 to a fully-fledged and scalable solution used for actual processes. Hämäläinen, in turn, believes that SmartDrawings could be widely used in Sweco’s various business areas in the years to come.  

“We will most likely be deploying the tool in an increasingly wide range of areas. I am confident about the tool’s benefits for architectural design and building services engineering.” 

SmartDrawings brings your plans to life! 

Welcome to the launch webinar of Sweco’s updated SmartDrawings tool on 10 February 9 am–10 am. 

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