Mia Andelin appointed as the Chief Sustainability Officer of Sweco Finland

Mia Andelin appointed as the Chief Sustainability Officer of Sweco Finland

11 August 2020

Mia Andelin, Licentiate of Science (Technology), has been appointed as the Chief Sustainability Officer of Sweco Finland (CSO) starting from 10 August 2020.

“I’m very happy to welcome Mia to our Sweco team. Developing sustainably built environment and industry as well as supporting our customers are Sweco’s number one priorities. Mia’s strong competence in real estate development, environmental certifications and comprehensive sustainability of built environment brings together our existing expertise in multidisciplinary sustainable development. With Mia’s support, we can further develop our business and build up our service selection to be even more sustainable. In addition to promoting our own carbon neutrality goal, we will also facilitate a positive carbon handprint in society,” says Markku VarisSweco’s Business Area President. 

At SwecoMia Andelin will be in charge of promoting the company’s responsibility and sustainable development goals together with the executive management, and she will operate as a part of Sweco Group’s sustainable development network. Andelin will also be in charge of achieving Sweco’s carbon neutrality objective in Finland. Sweco aims to become carbon neutral in Finland by 2035. 

Andelin has 20 years of experience of positions in the real estate field and with sustainable development. Andelin came to Sweco from Skanska, where she worked as the Environmental Director. Previously, Andelin has worked in roles such as real estate trade consulting positions and sustainability communications at Pöyry. 

“I’m very excited to be part of Sweco’s sustainable development team. The impacts of climate change have become increasingly visible in Europe and also in Finland. There are plenty of opportunities to mitigate climate change in built environment and industry, and Sweco also has a great deal of expertise for providing solutions that are relevant to adaptation and resilience,” Mia Andelin says. 

Further information: 

Markku Varis, Business Area President, Sweco Finland, tel. +358 (0) 40 047 8548, markku.varis@sweco.fi 
Mia Andelin, CSO, Sweco Finland, tel. +358 (0) 50 597 2592, mia.andelin@sweco.fi 
Heini Jokinen, press contact person, Sweco Finland, tel. +358 (0) 40 718 0063, heini.jokinen@sweco.fi