Laitaatsalmi bridges

Two major bridge complexes will be constructed in Savonlinna, with structural design provided by Sweco’s experts.



Laitaatsalmi bridges, main road 4




Bridge A: 496 m, Bridge B: 492 m

The present Kyrönsalmi channel has been prone to accidents and difficult to navigate as far as vessel traffic is concerned. The present deep-water channel cannot be retained due to safety requirements and the historically valuable Olavinlinna castle located in the strait. In the foreseen set of projects, the Kyrönsalmi deep-water channel will be moved to the Laitaatsalmi strait that is easier to navigate.

The design and construction of the bridges and the new deep-water channel were commenced in the early autumn of 2016. The main focus in the project is in the bridge construction work. The Laitaatsalmi strait will have two fixed-construction bridges of some 500 metres in length and 24 metres in underpass height. When the bridges need not be opened, both water and road traffic will be streamlined.

The project makes extensive use of building information modelling, which is the key to the successful completion of a complex bridge project. The exceptionally large bridge constructions, the integration of structures and the provision of the design to the construction site within a short timeframe would be difficult to accomplish without building information modelling. In addition to the construction site, building information modelling is also employed by the client and the design review consultant, which further speeds up the review and approval process.

Lifts for bicycle and pedestrian traffic will be built next to the southern bridge, accompanied by stairs. In addition to structural engineering, Sweco is also responsible for the HEPAC, automation, electrical and lighting design for the lift and staircase towers.