Large waterway bridges – demanding structural engineering with long spans

In large waterway bridges, we invest in structures that are aesthetically pleasing in their surroundings, safe for road users and bridge owners and have as long a service life as possible.



Large waterway bridges all around Finland




Suspended structures, the use of modern dimensioning software and building information modelling (BIM)


Sweco has very strong special competence regarding large waterway bridges that require long spans. The planning of waterway bridges requires plenty of competence in suspended concrete structures and steel structures, the use of modern dimensioning software and building information modelling, for example. In addition to this, during constructions large bridge structures require that the solutions are first built virtually, with the help of building information models and in cooperation with the project parties.

We have designed several large waterway bridges all around Finland. The concrete Oikarainen beam bridge in Rovaniemi was completed in 2011 and is 281 metres long. Sweco designed the bridge’s surface structure. In the construction of Hännilänsalmi Bridge in Viitasaari, we utilised building information modelling for the demanding span geometry and for designing the rebar. The bridge was completed in 2010 and it is 270 metres long. Sweco was in charge of the project’s general design and structural engineering.

The Espoonlahti bridges were completed in 2012. Both the highway and local traffic bridges are composite beam bridges. Sweco’s BIM competence was utilised for both their engineering design and for drafting their installation plans during work. The bridges are 122 and 156 metres long.