Structural Renovation Engineering

The focus of construction in Finland is shifting from new construction to supplementary, additional and renovation construction, especially in the Helsinki metropolitan area. This trend is projected to continue. Renovation construction is estimated to grow at a rate of 2% and the value of annual renovation will increase from the current level by € 4 billion by 2030.

Sweco's renovation services cover all areas related to property renovation.

Our main services are structural design of renovations, extensions and upgrades, as well as structural design related to changes in tenants and uses.

Our expertise is used from the initial stages of the project to the maintenance of the properties.

We are a strong and competitive renovation designer. Sweco's extensive expertise and more than 700 structural designers ensure that we do well in even large and diverse repair and new construction projects.

Involved in both the leading projects in the Helsinki metropolitan area and smaller projects throughout Finland

Our experts have experience in planning the renovation of projects of all sizes, from large projects such as the Olympic Stadium to smaller sites all over Finland. We have experience in downtown property renovation and alteration projects, as well as hospital property renovation planning.