Post-stressed structures

Sweco is also Finland's leading post-stressed structure design agency. We utilize this special expertise and the experience of our experts, especially in the design of parking facilities.

Post-stressing is a unique way to increase the capacity and performance of a concrete structure. The in-molded and post-stressed planar structure, which offers a real and competitive alternative to prefabricated construction, enables slimmer structural thicknesses and longer spans.

In addition to typical applications, in many special and skill structures, post-tensioning is the only economically viable option to meet the customer and user goals.

Better space solutions

Typical post-stressed structures and components are cast-in-place planar and horizontal structures such as beams and slabs. Post-tensioning is most commonly utilized in parking facilities of different types and sizes, shopping malls, office buildings, and special structures with long spans, such as bridges.

The benefits of post-tensioning for the building user arise from the spacious space solutions and the small number of vertical supports, which can increase the conversion flexibility of the entire building. Reducing the amount of concrete also results in more ecological design. For example, the user experience of parking users in parking facilities is a relevant part of our customers' own business and goals.

Parking facilities in Finland are most often built of concrete, in which case structural solutions are in-siite casting or prefabricated elements. In the in-site casting body, all components are typically cast, and the continuous structures are continuous post-stressed slabs.

We specialize in the design of parking lots for smaller parking spaces, multi-storey car parks and even underground parking caves for thousands of parking spaces.

Impressive and unique architecture  

Already at the draft stage, the design of post-stressed structures can be used to optimize the building's space and frame solutions to meet the desired goals as well as possible. The on-site frame solution enables the implementation of a unique and architecturally impressive building in a cost-effective manner.

Our post-tensioned structure services are 

• Concept design
• Consulting on structural solutions
• contingency planning
• Analysis of old structures
• External inspection activities
• Calculation and evaluation of material sales
• Site supervision