Steel Structures

We are Finland's largest steel structure operator and more than a hundred designers work on steel structures every day.

Steel structure design is a demanding special design, where our top experts in customized design teams implement domestic and international projects in cooperation with builders, construction companies, contractors, equipment suppliers and other design industries.

The steel structure projects designed by Sweco can be found on every continent. Sweco's international steel construction expertise covers the design of building construction, industrial construction, power plants, bridges, power lines and other steel frames and various types of equipment supports, tanks, silos and canals.

Sweco's technical accounting departments are responsible for particularly demanding design tasks, such as simulating exceptional natural phenomena and reviewing the capacity of existing structures by simulating when capacity in accordance with building standards is exceeded due to changes in use or loads.

As a pioneer in data modeling and we use data model-based design systems for analyzing, optimizing, documenting structures, and managing schedules, costs and large entities. Design systems are purposefully developed together with customers and software vendors.

We have been involved in designing several award-winning domestic and international projects. Our top experts in Sweco steel structures and our international network of experts enable the best service to destinations of all sizes around the world.