Sweco’s architects create sustainable, built environments, where people can enjoy living and working. The design operations of our office combine the familiarity with both Finnish and European values and traditions of architectural design with continuous development of competence and vision within this constantly changing operational environment and society. We are an approachable and service-oriented partner; we review the customer needs carefully and our competence and delivery security can be trusted. We provide extensive architectural competence and decades’ worth of experience for projects of all kinds, ranging from land-use planning to the smallest details of structural engineering. Our aspirations have gained momentum from our success in competitions and from the awards we have won in Finland and from international projects.


  • Interior Design
  • City Planning
  • Building Design
  • Land use planning


The indoor environment has a large impact on our wellbeing and on how we live and work. The Sweco interior designers have an important role in the functional planning of premises and in creating comfortable indoor environments.

Our projects are usually related to the architecture and operations of the designed building and they also cover the full interior design services. The interior design process includes functional space planning, fixture and moveable furniture design, material and colour scheme design as well as accessory and curtain design. We also have experience from working with artists and art curators. We continuously develop and plan new fittings and furnishing solutions while paying attention to adaptability and the perspective of the future. The Sweco architects have plenty of experience from many various sectors of construction, such as the health and wellbeing sector and the field of training and education.

A well-designed space increases efficiency, helps the employees cope with their work and brings comfort. We want to be certain of achieving a good end result, which is why we work closely together with our customers. Through cooperation, we can find the solutions for our shared goals. We know that our long experience of challenging projects gives us great prerequisites to design the best possible end results, with regards to both finance and functionality as well as indoor environment.