Sweco’s architects create sustainable, built environments, where people can enjoy living and working. The design operations of our office combine the familiarity with both Finnish and European values and traditions of architectural design with continuous development of competence and vision within this constantly changing operational environment and society. We are an approachable and service-oriented partner; we review the customer needs carefully and our competence and delivery security can be trusted. We provide extensive architectural competence and decades’ worth of experience for projects of all kinds, ranging from land-use planning to the smallest details of structural engineering. Our aspirations have gained momentum from our success in competitions and from the awards we have won in Finland and from international projects.


  • Interior Design
  • City Planning
  • Building Design
  • Land use planning


The built environment forms a massive share of society’s assets, and it also contains our cultural capital. When these assets are nurtured and their operations developed, the perspectives of city landscape and architecture must be fitted together with the needs of everyday life as well as with several techno-economic, ecological, political and cultural pursuits.

The change management and optimising of this development is referred to as, among others terms, land-use planning, city planning and urban design, depending on the scale and perspective. Aside from designing the physical environment, this is also, first and foremost, designing the life in the future, forecasting the societal and technical development and preparing for even surprising changes. Even though it is known that an architect’s role is highlighted in any matters concerning city space and architectural matters, they must also be familiar with matters in a larger scale and be able to carry on constructive cooperation with the other operators.

In Sweco Architects, the work becomes visible in the city planning competitions, land use and reference plans supporting zoning, as well as in assessment and development plans targeted at private land and real estate owners.