Sweco’s architects create sustainable, built environments, where people can enjoy living and working. The design operations of our office combine the familiarity with both Finnish and European values and traditions of architectural design with continuous development of competence and vision within this constantly changing operational environment and society. We are an approachable and service-oriented partner; we review the customer needs carefully and our competence and delivery security can be trusted. We provide extensive architectural competence and decades’ worth of experience for projects of all kinds, ranging from land-use planning to the smallest details of structural engineering. Our aspirations have gained momentum from our success in competitions and from the awards we have won in Finland and from international projects.


  • Interior Design
  • City Planning
  • Building Design
  • Land use planning


Sweco offers a comprehensive land use planning service from strategies for large areas to master plans and detailed town plans and regional plans. We utilise the extensive expertise of our specialists in strategic planning, trade development, city planning, traffic management, water supply as well as regional and municipal engineering for our projects. City plans and their effects are assessed by experienced landscape, environment and economic experts. Our customers include cities, municipalities, the state, companies and private individuals.

We draft reports on development zones and structural models for urban areas, and we envision development ideas for municipalities and seek creative solutions by combining trade based on natural resources and other kinds of land use. We draft component master plans for areas in city centres and villages, beaches, wind power parks and mining areas. We draft town plans for attractive residential areas and areas used by industry and tourism, where we determine the implementation prerequisites for individual projects through town plan amendments. Any plan solutions are illustrated with 3D-modelling. With the help of numerical plan combinations, the residents of the municipality can access up-to-date information on the town plan.

The server and data bank for geographical information provide versatile tools to organise interaction during the town planning phase. Everyone has access to up-to-date planning project information on the server, which also has a commenting function. Customer-specific solutions may also be created on the geographical information server. Land use planning is focused on impressive and practical electronic reporting.

Strong professional expertise and our long, reliable experience are just some of our strengths. We offer individuals and communities quality, economical, customer-oriented and human-oriented planning.